Adding someone to groups in the my.atlas directory

How to add someone to groups or committees in the my.atlas directory

We have many administrative groups and committees setup in the directory for SCS, ChBE and Chemistry.  Follow the steps below to add (or remove) someone from a group or committee: 

  1. Log in to (or click on Manage Directory if you're already in the my.atlas portal)

  2. Unit:  Select  the appropriate department (e.g. "School of Chemical Sciences”)

    Directory Groups steps 1-4

  3. Search for the person you want to add to a group.  You can search by NetID or name
    • NOTE:  If the person you searched for does not come up, then you'll need to add him/her to the "Auxiliary Users" group for the department.  To do that: 

      1. Personnel Category:  Select “Auxiliary Users
      2. Type the person's NetID or name in the "Add by Name, NetID, UIN" field that appears
      3. Select the person's name, and click Add
      4. For more detailed instructions, see

  4. Open the person's Directory Role Entry by clicking on their name in the list.  If the person you searched for has multiple directory entries, select the appropriate role for the committee or group assignment
    • Example: If a faculty member is part of the departmental administration, they will have both a "Faculty" role and an "Administrative Faculty" role.

  5. Look for the "Groups" heading

    Directory groups list
  6. Adding a Member to a group or committee:
    • Under "Type", the default is “Admin Unit”
    • Under "Name", click the down-arrow and select the appropriate committee or admin group from the drop down list
    • Click the [+] sign to verify the addition
    • Click “Save Changes

  7. Removing a member from a group or committee:
    • Click the [X] next to the committee name in the person's Directory Role Entry 
    • Click "Save Changes"

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