Endpoint Services, MECM Certificate Audit and Reporting


Follow this guide to verify endpoints have valid certificates in order to enable off-campus management by Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. Review this article for more information about MECM's off-campus management features.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

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How to audit certificate expiration on endpoints

The 'InCommon\UofI ADCS Cert Expiration Audit' configuration baseline queries the endpoint for any Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) or InCommon certificates.
  • In the MECM console, navigate to \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Compliance Settings\Configuration Baselines

  • Select the 'InCommon\UofI ADCS Cert Expiration Audit' configuration baseline

  • Select 'Deploy' from the top ribbon

  • In the 'Deploy Configuration Baseline' dialog box, select the collection to run this configuration baseline on

  • Select 'OK'

  • Navigate to \Monitoring\Overview\Deployments and search for 'InCommon\UofI ADCS Cert Expiration Audit' in the search bar

  • Select 'InCommon\UofI ADCS Cert Expiration Audit' from the results and select 'View Status' from the top ribbon
    • Allow enough time for clients to run the baseline and report the results to MECM.  Select 'Run Summarization' from the top ribbon to gather the latest reported data.
    • Devices under the 'Compliant' tab have certificates with more than 31 days remaining
    • Devices under the 'Non-Compliant' tab either have certificates with 31 days or less remaining, an expired certificate, or no certificate

  • For non-compliant devices, direct the respective users to connect to the VPN
    • This allows the device to contact the Active Directory and obtain a renewed certificate from ADCS.  Devices must be connected to the VPN long enough to allow these steps to take place.

  • A graphical compliance report can be generated on a recurring basis:
    • Navigate to \Monitoring\Overview\Reporting\Reports\Useful Reports in the console
    • Select the 'Baseline Status by Collection' report
    • Select 'Create Subscription' from the top ribbon
    • Customize the subscription schedule
    • Select the relevant collection and baseline under 'Subscription Parameters'

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