Wireless Presentation Devices - Apple TV Gen 4 Setup

Setup Documentation for Wireless Presentation Devices (Apple TV Gen 4)

Apple TV Gen 4 (1-3/8" Tall, 32GB or 64GB storage)

Prerequisite Setup for all Apple TVs

This setup is required for all Apple TVs. It can be done before the actual install of the Apple TV and requires a wired DHCP network connection or registering the device for IllinoisNet_Guest.

  1. Attach Apple TV to power, DHCP wired network, and display system
  2. Let the Apple TV power up and follow the onscreen instructions to pair the remote and set up the device:
    1. Set language: English
    2. Set country: United States
    3. Siri and Dictation: Don't Use Siri
    4. Set Up Your Apple TV: Set Up Manually (unless you want to try the device based set up, that is on you)
    5. Apple ID: Skip This Step
    6. Log in with TV Provider: Skip this step
    7. Location Services: Enable Location Services
    8. Time Zone: Chicago, IL
    9. See the World: Not Now
    10. Analytics: Don't Send
    11. Terms & Conditions/Warranty: Agree
  3. Go to Settings:
    1. Go to General:
      1. Appearance: Dark
      2. Screensaver > Start After: Never
      3. Sleep After: Never
      4. Date and Time, Set Automatically: On
    2. Go to Airplay:
      1. AirPlay: On
      2. Apple TV Name: [Building] [Room] or PI NetID
      3. Conference Room Display:
        1. Conference Room Display: On
        2. (Optional) Background: (choose a photo)
      4. Airplay Display Underscan: Off
      5. Security: Passcode
    3. Go to System > Software Updates:
      1. Automatic Updates: Off
      2. Check for software updates, download and install if applicable
    4. (Optional) To lock the Apple TV into Conference room mode, do the following:
      1. Settings > General > Restrictions > Turn On Restrictions
      2. Set the pin to 1867
      3. Settings > General > Restrictions > AirPlay Settings > Show
      4. Settings > General > Restrictions > Conference Room Display > Ask
      5. Settings > General > Restart

Wired Network (xxxx-mobilestream-net) - Recommended

This is the ideal setup and should be used whenever possible while installing an Apple TV.

  1. Choose a location for the Apple TV where it has power, a network connection, hdmi to projector/display, and line of site to the general use area (for IR remote, if not controlled by an AV system)
  2. Change the network for the Apple TV's jack to [Building Number]-mobilestream-net
    1. If the building or switch does not have a mobilestream network on it, request a mobilesteam network from net-trouble@illinois.edu (Chuck Hayes is the expert)
  3. Plug the Apple TV into the projector/display, network, and power.
  4. Wait for the Apple TV to bootup

At this point the Apple TV should be ready to use for AirPlay Mirroring. Connect a test device to IllinoisNet and attempt to connect to the Apple TV.

Mobilestream networks are not available at instructor podiums and this setup is not recommended for instructors who will move the device from room to room.

Wireless Network (IllinoisNet_Guest) - Recommended with Reservations

This setup should work well for most users; however, since it requires both devices to be connected to wireless, it is not recommended for areas with poor WiFi signal or high-occupancy areas.

This setup requires registering the device for access to IllinoisNet_Guest. To do this go to the registration page and follow these directions.

Note: For EngrIT sponsored/supported devices, make sure to register the device using the EngrIT profile. Log into the registration page using yournetid#engrit. Otherwise you will need to work with your customer to register this device under their own account. EngrIT staff should not be sponsoring any customer hardware.

Note: For AppleTVs to allow connections from any user, it must be registered on the EngrIT profile.

  1. Choose a location for the Apple TV where it has power, hdmi to projector/display, and line of site to the general use area (for IR remote)
  2. Plug the Apple TV into the projector/display and power.
  3. Wait for the Apple TV to bootup
  4. Go to the settings menu and connect to IllinoisNet_Guest (make sure to disconnect any wired network)
    1. Network > WiFi, select IllinoisNet_Guest

Once connected to the network the AppleTV should be ready for WiFi mirroring. Connect a test device to IllinoisNet and attempt to connect to the AppleTV.

Instructors bringing this with them from room to room may also need to purchase a HDMI (male) to VGA (female) converter (CDWG #3081733) to use the device in analog rooms.

Note: New AppleTVs may not provide sufficient voltage over the HDMI port to self power the above converter. USB power may be required.

Additional Setup for Ditto

  1. Make sure that the AppleTV is configured in Ditto and a background image has been generated - instructions coming soon!
  2. Go to the settings menu
    1. Go to Accounts > iCloud and do the following:
      1. Sign in as engrit-apple@mx.uillinois.edu
      2. iCloud Photo Library: On
      3. iCloud Photo Sharing: On
    2. Go to Airplay > Conference Room Display and do the following:
      1. Set the customer message to: Connect at ditto.engr.illinois.edu
      2. Background > Choose Photo > My Photos > Shared > EngrIT Apple TV Share > Choose the background with the proper room code.

You can now either restart the Apple TV or wait for it to time out and revert to the conference room display

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