How to Create a Purchase Request in Reaction

This tutorial will walk you through creating a Purchase Request in Reaction.

Start a Purchase Request

  1. Go to the Reaction website (
  2. From the toolbar on the left side of the page, click the appropriate button: 
    • Use the CREATE PURCHASE REQUEST link for chemicals, equipment or supplies
    • Use the CREATE SPECIALTY GAS REQUEST for AirGas orders

      "Create" buttons in Reaction

Step 1: Personal information

  1. Check all fields for completeness.  Your personal information will auto-populate. If you need to correct anything, you can do so on this page.  NOTE: Items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required fields.

    • Category: If you have questions about the "Category" of your purchase request, please see

    • Business Use: ALL purchase requests must include a statement of "Business Use".  This should be a minimum of 10-15 words and must be included, even when the "business use" is apparent.
      • Example:  If you were purchasing a computer mouse, the business purpose might be "Mouse will be used on office computer to replace broken mouse".

    • Grant Benefit: If you intend to use a grant account, you must also include a statement of how the purchase benefits the grant.  

  2. When all information has been completed, click the Next ("Next" button) button to move to the "Add Item" screen.

Step 2: Add Item

  1. Upload a PDF: If you have a quote or other information to upload via PDF, click on the View / Upload PDF link. 
    If you do NOT have anything to upload, go to Step 6.  

    Location of "Upload PDF" link

    • In the dialog box, drag the file to be uploaded to the box or click on the box to select your file to be uploaded. 

      "Upload" dialog box

    • Put a short description of the file in the "Comments" field.

    • Click on the Upload button.  If the file uploaded properly, you will see your uploaded file in the "Uploads" section

      "Uploads" section

    • If you have multiple files to upload, you will need to repeat this process for each file.

    • When all files are uploaded you can click on Cancel to close the "Upload PDF" dialog box.

  2. Enter the item(s):
    • For each item, enter the item number, item description, quantity, and unit (be sure to choose appropriately from the dropdown for this field), and the unit cost (must be xx.xx format), then click the orange Add Item box.

    • Repeat until all items are added.

  3. Once all items have been added, click Next to move to the "Add Payment" screen.

Step 3: Add Payment

You can pay for your entire purchase with one CFOP or you can spread the cost among multiple CFOPAs.  

Paying with One CFOPA:

  1. Select the Pay With One CFOPA radio button

    Paying with 1 CFOP

  2. Enter the CFOP (full 19 digit string) or the Alias and then select Add Payment

  3. The CFOPA you entered will be listed in the "CFOPAs used on this purchase request" table. 

    • If this is correct, click Submit.

    • If you entered the CFOPA incorrectly, click Previous and re-enter your CFOPA information. 

Paying with Multiple CFOPAs

If you wish to pay with multiple CFOPAs, the basic process is:

  1. Select one or more individual items (or click the Select All button to select all items)

  2. Add a CFOP and select if you want it split by percent or dollars

Paying with multiple CFOPAs

To pay for specific item(s) with a separate CFOP: 

  1. Select Pay with Multiple CFOPAs

  2. Pick one or more items.

  3. Add a CFOPA or CFOPA alias

  4. Type 100 in the "Amount" box (NOTE: Percent charged is the default).  This will charge 100% of the selected item(s) to the CFOPA entered.

  5. Repeat this process until all items are 100% paid. 

    • Items will remain in the top table until they are 100% paid, and will show the amount (in dollars, regardless of how costs were allocated) remaining to be allocated. 

    • As costs are allocated, items will be listed in the "CFOPAs used on this purchase request" table and will show percent or amount paid, depending on how costs were allocated (percent or dollars)

To spread the cost of multiple items across multiple CFOPs:

  1. Select Pay with Multiple CFOPAs

  2. Pick one or more items

  3. Add a CFOPA or CFOPA alias

  4. Assign a percentage of the total cost, and Reaction will calculate the dollars charged to the CFOPA.

    • If you wish to allocate the dollar cost yourself, click on the Dollars Charged radio button and enter a specific amount in dollars.  The system will calculate the percentage charged to that CFOPA.

    • IMPORTANT: You must allocate all costs either by percent or by dollars.  You cannot allocate some costs by percent and others by dollars. 

Multiple CFOPAs allocation tables

Submitting the order

  1. When all items have been 100% paid (whether on one CFOPA or on multiple), click on the Submit button. 

  2. The Purchase Request is now submitted and pending approval by the person(s) listed as the responsible party for the CFOPA(s) used on the order *

  3. If this order is BELOW your spending threshold, the order will be locked and subsequent changes can be made by notifying

* If you are listed as the Responsible Party in Reaction (for approving PRs) you will not need to approve a Purchase Request you submit on your own account. Orders submitted on your account by others will route to you for approval via an automated email. 

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