X-ray Lab Software Information

Information about the software used by the UIUC School of Chemical Sciences X-ray Lab.

Software information




SHELX Homepage – Manuals, tutorials, descriptions of the different versions of SHELX, how to obtain the software.


SHELX Guides


Wingx, OLEX2, ORTEP-3, PLATON, other miscellaneous software


WinGX – Ortep-3

Louis Farrugia’s Software for Crystallography tutorials and examples – software downloads


Miscellaneous Software


Center for X-ray Crystallography, University of Florida Crystal Structure Visualization Software for Various Platforms

The International Union of Crystallography site has links to software sites and also to crystallography organizations, labs, etc.




Olexsys home page

Olexsys download page

Olexsys manual




PLATON is available for various platforms with explanations and manuals.

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