Installing and Using Google Meets Outlook Plug-In

This KB article will walk you through enabling Google Meets and syncing your Outlook Calendar with the Google Meets Plugin.

Enabling Google Meets With Your Email Address.

1.) Log in to the Cloud Dashboard at
Google Meets will open correctly in the following broswers.

a. Chrome

b. Firefox

c. Edge

2.) Select University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and click Select.

Google Meets Photo 1

3.) Enter your Log In Information. You may need to process your 2-Factor Authorization. 
Google Meets 2
4.) Enable Google Apps @ Illinois. Click on ON and accept the terms when the terms window opens. 
Google Meets 3
5.) Click on Google Apps @ Illinois or go to
Google Meets 4
6.) Click the drop down menu open. 
Google Meets 5
7.) Select Google Meet from the drop down menu. 
Google Meets 6
8.) When a partner invites you to a Google Meets meeting, you will receive a message in Outlook. 
Accept the meeting. Log into Google Meets. You will see your upcoming Meetings as seen in the visual Below. 
Click on the meeting you want to join. 
Join your meeting.
Google Meets 7

Installing & Using Google Meets Outlook Plugin.

2.) Click on the blue GET IT NOW 
Google Meets Picture 8
3.) In the pop up that occurs enter your email address and click the blue Sign In 
Google Meets Picture 9
4.) You will be redirected to a U of I Log In Page. Log in with your Email Address and Password. You may need to process your 2-Factor Authorization. 
Google Meets Picture 10
5.) Once you have signed in you will be taken back to the Microsoft Store page and one additional pop up will appear. Click the blue Continue
Google Meets Picture 11
6.) You then will be taken to another page where the plug in will be installed. Once it is completed it should look like so. 
Google Meets 12
7.) The Google Meets Outlook plugin should now be installed to your Outlook Desktop Application as well as the Office Outlook Web Browser. 
8.) Open your Outlook Desktop Application.
9.) Click on the New Appointment or New Meeting  button on the upper left hand side of your window.
Google Meets Picture 13
10.) In the new appointment window that opens you should see the new Google Meet options on your toolbar. 
Google Meets 14
11.) Click on Google Meet in the drop down you can select Add a meeting. This will create your Google Meet meeting and generate a link for you to send out. 
Google Meet Picture 15
12.) The first time you do this you will get an additional pop up requesting you to Sign In. Click on Sign In.
Google Meet Picture 16
13.) Sign in with your Email address and click Next.
Google Meet Picture 16
14.) It will then ask you to choose an account. Click on  G Suite Account.
Google Meet Picture 18
15.) You will be redirected to a U of I Log in Page. Sign in with your NetID and Password. You may need to process your 2-Factor Authorization.
Google Meets Picture 19
16.) Click Accept on the next pop up. 
Google Meet Picture 20
17.) Next you will need to click Allow to allow Google Meet Add-In to manage your meetings.
Google Meet Picture 21
18.) After this any time you click Add a meeting your Outlook Appointment/Meeting will generate a Google Meet link that you will be able to send out as an email invite. 
Google Meet Picture 22

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