KnowledgeBase Tutorial - How To Review Documents

This document will walk you through reviewing documents in KnowledgeBase and then making them active.

A lot of documents/articles/webpages are being transferred into KnowledgeBase so that they're easier to edit when needed. More pages will be stored in a central location which makes organization easier. 

You should receive an email notification when a document has been tagged 'In Review' and you've been made the Owner. It's also good practice to check the "In Review" tab of KnowledgeBase every once in a while in case you weren't notified about something.

Once you receive the notification, login to KnowledgeBase Admin Tools ( and go to the "In Review" tab. Go through the following steps: 

  1. Find the document you need to review and click on the Edit button. SCSReview1.png
  2. Read through the document and make sure it's formatted well and there aren't any errors. SCSReview2.2.png
  3. Topics: 
    • Go to the Topics section and make sure it is tagged correctly. Click the toggle buttons to see all of the options.
    • Example: This document is tagged with SCS Computing and then How-To, which is nested within SCS Computing.
    • If you think a new topic should exist, please email so that we can add one. SCSReview3.png
  4. Write Access:
    • Make sure the Write Access is set to Owner Group (+ owner) and the correct Owner Group(s) is/are tagged.  SCSReview4.png
  5. Read Access:
    • If this is an Internal document, make sure the Read Access is set to the appropriate groups, and select UIllinoisSCS-internal as shown in the next section.SCSReview5.png
  6. Site Access:
    • External document: 
      • Select both UIllinoisSCS-external and UIllinoisSCS-internal - That way, searching the internal KB will still locate the document
      • Document will be visible to anyone that visits the SCS KB page ( - these are public
    • Internal document: 
      • Select UIllinoisSCS-internal  
      • Document is only visible on the SCS Internal KB page ( which requires Shibboleth login
      • Document can also be locked down to specific groups within SCS - see "Read Access" above
  7. Owner: 
    • If you need to, you can click the toggle for "Show Additional Fields" and change the Owner of the document. SCSReview7.png
  8. Status:
    • After reviewing, be sure to set the Status as Active
    • If you do not do this, any changes you've made will not be shown.SCSReview8.png
  9. Click Submit


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