Vetstar - VDL Diagnostic Test Requisition Function

The requisition/interface function within Vetstar allows requested diagnostic tests to flow directly to the diagnostic lab information system, VADDS. When resulted, the data flows back to Vetstar and is permanently stored in the patients Vetstar record and is available for sending via the SEND function.

Video Training Link: VDL Diagnostic Test Requisition Function

1. From the Vetstar home screen type the quick command req in the command line and enter.  The Lab Requisitions Review Screen will appear.  You can also access the Lab Requisitions Review Screen from the Charges Screen by selecting Lab Reqs on the right side of the screen.


2. To add a new requisition, select the New this Patient button.

3. The contact clinician box will pop up.  The lab will contact the coordinating clinician you enter with the lab results once they are finalized. 

  • Note: This should be the case’s coordinating clinician. 

4. You may open a window (F4) and search for the clinician or type the name directly in the name box. (It is best to enter their last name.)

  • Note: There is no verification notice stating that you have the correct clinician.  It is very important that you spell the last name correctly

5. The Procedure List will appear.


6. Chose the appropriate procedure list (Clinical Pathology. Immunology, Microbiology, Sensi, Necropsies, etc.), by clicking directly on the list name.

7. A list of tests available will display, you may scroll using the mouse, or use the page up and page down buttons.

8. To view more information on a test, arrow down to the procedure and click on the Information button on the right side of the screen.LabReqProcedureSelectionVerify.jpg

9. To select a test select the box to put a check next to the test.

  • The selected test will now be highlighted in yellow
  • To change the quantity, double click in the Qty field and enter the appropriate quantity.
  • You may request multiple tests.

10. Ensure that you have selected the correct tests. If you have made a mistake you may still cancel the request without the charges posting to the account, and without the request being sent to the lab by clicking on the button.

11. When all desired tests have been selected, click the Verify button. 


12. This will bring you to a screen to complete a form with various question regarding your test request. You can click on the lines to the right of the data entry fields and type your notes as shown above beside Cause of Death.

  • Note: You must complete all of the required fields.  They are denoted with red asterisks *

13. A Patient History is also required.  Select Pat History from the right selection bar and an editor will appear for you to type in notes, as shown below. 

  • Enter a brief history for the lab. 
    • Example: patient hit by car two days ago; shortness of breath, etc. (This will NOT be part of the patients electronic medical record.)
  • When finished, select Save at the bottom right with a diskette icon, as shown below. 
  • You will return to the Lab Requisition screen.  Select Save.


14. This brings you back to the Lab Requisitions Review screen.

15. At this point you can enter another test request or you can submit

16. To submit the requisition(s): 

For one test:

  • Select each of the tests to submit and click Submit Selected.    
  • Enter the supervising faculty

To submit multiple tests select Batch Items:

  • Select Submit Selected for one(1) test.
  • Enter the supervising faculty

Important notes:

  • Once submitted, the requisition is transmitted to VADDS/Diagnostic Lab and the appropriate lab work list is updated with your request(s).
  • Charges are automatically applied to the clients account in Vetstar. 
  • You will then need to get the sample, body, etc. where it needs to go. 
  • If you need to make a change to a requisition or make a mistake, call the VDL immediately so the request may be deleted from VADDS. (Check with the vet tech in your area if you need assistance. Then you must have the charge deleted from Vetstar.

Where to find results:

  • When the results are complete, they will post in the patients Vetstar record, and can be found by accessing the reports screen by typing the quick command emr, and will be labeled VADDS Lab Report, selecting this report will open a pdf of the results. 
  • These results are available via the SEND function, and can be sent to the rDVM or owner. 
  • The reports will also be emailed to the clinician of record (or the email address that is designated by the section/service to receive notification of lab reports).

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