Unable to Log into Computer with New NetID Password

Department members may experience issues logging into their computer after they have changed their NetID password annually. Here are ways to resolve or avoid the problem.

If you are looking to change your NetID password, please click this link for the relevant kb article: https://answers.uillinois.edu/illinois/page.php?id=49273

Important Note: MacOS users set up through Enterprise Connect or are using local accounts may disregard this information and reach out to their IT department with any questions/concerns about logging into their computer after a netID password change.

A remote faculty/staff member's computer may not be able to login after a netID password change if they do not re-sign in after connecting to the University's Cisco VPN.  This is because the computer cannot communicate with the network.  There are a few ways to prevent and resolve this login issue.
If you are unsure what the Cisco VPN or Lock Screen look like, please consult the images at the bottom of the page. You can type "Cisco" or "Cisco Anyconnect" in your Windows or MacOS search to find it.

How to login to computer after a password change

To avoid the need to remember your old password, do the following steps:

  1. Change your netID password via identity.uillinois.edu if you have not already done so.
  2. Connect to the Cisco VPN using your new password.
  3. Hit Win+L (or Ctrl+Cmd+Q for MacOS) on the keyboard to go to the lock screen.  
  4. Log in with the new password you set earlier.  Done!

If for some reason you forget to do the above or were not aware of it.  The computer was probably shut off before you could log in with the new password.  If this happens, you must remember your old password and do one of the following options:

Remote Option: 

  1. Log in to the computer with old password.
  2. Connect to Cisco VPN with new password.
  3. Press Win+L (or Ctrl+Cmd+Q for MacOS) to show the lock screen.  Now log in with the new password. Done!

On-Campus Option:

  1. Take the computer to the UIUC campus.
  2. Connect to the University of Illinois network (IllinoisNet wifi or via Ethernet cable) with your new password.  
  3. Log in to the computer using your new password. Done!

Note: On-campus machines do not usually have issues with NetID password changes.  If they do, make sure the computer is connected to the university network in some way, lock the screen (Win+L), and try logging in with the new password.

Be sure to use the Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client pictured here:


The Lock Screen for Windows and MacOS are show below:

Windows:Lock/Login Screen for Windows

Lock/Login screen for MacOS

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your ACES IT Pro. You can find your department's IT contact information here: https://techsupport.aces.illinois.edu/departmental-it-offices

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