Equipment - Classrooms - 429/527 - In-Room Presentation

To provide a basic usage tutorial for using the podium system in rooms 429 and 527 in CMWT


Presenting to people in the room

1.    Touch the Crestron screen to start up the podium system – a countdown will begin for the powering up process


2. Select Presentation from the left side choices on the Control Panel.


There should not be any need to touch the monitors. They come on when a source is selected, but will display a black screen until that source is active (i.e. the computer wakes up)

3. Choose content to display

Tap and drag the desired source into the box labeled Main. This will allow what is being displayed on the computer screen to be displayed to the TVs at each table.


  1. Mac Primary - Room Mac Computer
  2. Mac Secondary - Room Mac Extended
  3. PC Primary - Room PC
  4. PC Secondary - Room PC (Extended)
  5. Laptop - HDMI In
  6. Document Camera 
  7. Solstice - Wireless Display

Another source can be shown on the corner monitors, using the “Preview” box. 

If using the podium PC or the podium Mac, putting the “Secondary” display in the Preview window will allow you to see the extended desktop. To use a laptop, connect it with either the provided HDMI or USB-C cable. Press and drag “Laptop” to the “Main” window.


4.    Once you are ready to present, select the button below the two windows labeled Present to workstations. This will display the selected sources on the corresponding displays.



The podium microphone comes on when the system turns on.

There are also 2 wireless microphones, (1) handheld and (1) LAV.

Whenever you are not using the wireless mics, keep them in the charging dock to be ready for the next person.


5.    Need to adjust the overall speaker volume in the room? Use the master volume buttons at the top of the screen. 


6. Mic Volume


Mic volume is already set for the room. Please check before making any changes.

If necessary, select Microphone Control to see the different microphones and the options to either turn up the volume, turn down the volume, or mute/unmute. 


Please be sure to shut down the podium system when you are done. 

In the top right corner, select System OFF and confirm that you want to shutdown by selecting the green Yes, Shutdown button. Please DO NOT shut down the room PC while shutting the system down.




If you have difficulty, you can write to or call 312-996-3636

For a demonstrated version of this document, click here.

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