How to change your NetID password from home

The NetID password (master password for all Illinois services and logins, changed annually) is ordinarily and most easily changed when in an Extension office on the Extension network. This article instructs how to change the password while at home, to avoid direct consequences such as computer lockout. The gist of the process is to run Cisco VPN, visit the NetID Center, change your password, and lock the computer for the computer to recognize and begin use of the new password.

Start up Cisco VPN

  1. Run the program Cisco Secure Client (VPN) from your Windows menu
    • The first field for VPN server should read:
  2. Click the Connect button
  3. Username: your netID
  4. Password: your current password
    • Group: 1_SplitTunnel_Default
    • The Cisco VPN icon in the icon tray will display a Lock symbol to indicate Connection

Change your password

  1. Visit the netID Center (
  2. Select Log in
  3. Log in with your NetID and current password
  4. Select Change password
    • You may be asked to review your recovery options. If you do not have at least one form of recovery option, you will be required to set one up.
  5. Change your password according to the rules listed.  Please note that the final two rules are checked on submission. 
  6. Select Set password

Lock your computer

At this point, Cisco VPN and your computer in conjunction will detect the changed password, and Windows should prompt you to lock your computer and log in using the new one.  

  1. Lock your computer by doing one of the following:
    • Select the Windows Start menu, hover the mouse over your User profile, and select Lock
    • Use the two keys together, Windows + L 
  2. Log in using the new password

From this point on, the computer will recognize only your new password.  If your computer fails to join the uie-uofi network upon returning to the office, please rejoin by right-clicking uie-uofi and selecting Forget before attempting to Connect again by entering your netID and new password. 

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