HTSF - Plate Sealer

A guide to using the Plate Sealer apparatus

  1. Check if the air release valve of the air compressor is tightened (located at bottom right at back of the tank). If not, turn the metal to tighten. The valve is closed when the metal sticks out. 
    • Picture1PS.png
    • open.pngOpen
    • closed.pngClosed
  2. Power on air pump (red switch to right position). There will be loud noise when the pump is running.
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  3.  After pump stops, turn pressure adjustor (black knob) clockwise to adjust to ~90 PSI. If it is already set at 90 PSI, skip this step.
  4. Turn on power of plate sealer on the back. If the sealer beeps, adjust the air compressor pressure a bit higher until the sealer stops beeping.
    • switch.png
  5.  Wait when sealer heats, until the screen shows “seal”. Default condition is 145 degrees C, 3.5 sec, which can be changed in “setting”. If you changed it, make sure to change it back to default condition when finished sealing.
    • screen.png
  6. When “seal” appear on screen, place plate on the carrier. The direction does not matter, but make sure it located inside the metal rims. Very important, otherwise the plate could be crushed. 
    • box.png
  7. Push “seal” on the screen and the plate will be taken inside and sealed. The air compressor will pump every a few plates, be prepared for the noise.
  8. Take out the plate and spread it until it cools down before stacking. If the sealer need to be used the next day, stop after step 9.
  9. Turn sealer off. Turn pump off (red switch). If the sealer will not be used soon, continue with steps 10-12 after steps 9.
  10. Adjust PSI to 0 (black knob), turn pump off (red switch).
  11. Pull metal ring near pressure display to release air. There will be a very loud noise.
  12. Release residual air by loosening air release valve (refer to step 1), and tilt the air compressor to drain residual condensed water.
    • Machine3PS.png

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