Import photos from iPhone or iPad to Computer using Photos

Steps to import photos from iPhone or iPad using Photos App native to Windows 10. Will save photos as jpeg avoiding need to convert.
1. Plug USB lightning cable into phone and computer.
2. On the iPhone or iPad you should get prompted to allow the computer to access the phone/tablet.  Allow to access.
3. If the Photos app does not launch on the computer, locate the app by clicking on the Start icon and looking for Photos.  Double click to launch the app.
4. In the upper right corner of the app, there should be an option titled Import.  Click on this and select From A Connected Device.
5. Photos should see the phone is connected and begin looking for pictures located on the phone.
6. After it finds the pictures, it will show thumbnails of all of the pictures.  
7. At the top of the screen with the thumbnails, it will show where the pictures will be saved.  Click Change Destination if you want them to save somewhere else.
8. In the upper right of each thumbnail will be a box to check to include that picture.  Select all desired pictures.
9. Click Import.  This will import the selected pictures to the location identified in step 7.

If the photos were saved with the "Live" capability enabled on your phone, two files will be saved.  One is the photo and the other is a short .mp4 video.

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