Kaltura, Integration with Canvas

Built-in tools allow you to access and share your Kaltura videos in Canvas.

In context with built-in tools

You can add a Kaltura video anywhere in Canvas where you see the text editor.  In the ribbon at the top of the text editor, click on the pinwheel Kaltura icon with the tool-tip "Embed Kaltura Media" (see screenshot) in Pages, Announcements, and so on.  In some places, you might need to click on the three dots to expand the toolbar to access the Kaltura button.
Use Kaltura button in text editor
This takes you to your My Media account, and you can add videos you've already uploaded, or create and upload videos right then and there.  You might need to click on the three dots to expand the toolbar to access the Kaltura button.
Adding video to "New"-style quizzes.  Instructors can add a link to a Kaltura video in places in Canvas where you don't have access to Kaltura through the text editor, such as in "New" quizzes.  First, copy the "Link to Media Page" from the Share tab of your video (Kaltura, Obtaining embed code or link for media ), and then use the Insert Link button on the edit bar.  By default, this opens in a new tab.  You'll need to make sure students can view the video in mediaspace.  (Setting videos to "unlisted" is the simplest way: Kaltura, Obtaining embed code or link for media).

Students can post videos, too

Students can add videos, too, wherever they see the text editor, such as on assignments and discussion board posts.  Students might need to click on the three dots to expand the toolbar to access the Kaltura button.
In Assignments: Instructors, if you want students to submit videos in assignments, you will need to select the Text Entry option when setting up the Assignment.

In the media gallery

You can add videos directly to the media gallery if you don't want students to encounter them in a particular context, and just want all your media in the same place.  Also, all videos you add to your course in context with the built-in tools will also be added to the gallery.

First, add the media gallery

To add a link to the media gallery to the left-hand navigation links in a Canvas course, go to Settings, then click on the Navigation tab.  Then you'll need to move Media Gallery from the hidden section up to the visible section.  For detailed instructions: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/How-do-I-manage-Course-Navigation-links/ta-p/1020

Gallery analytics

You can access viewing statistics of the videos in the media gallery.  Again, all videos you add to the course anywhere with the built-in tools will be added to the gallery automatically, so even if you are not using this as the main place students find your videos, you can use the media gallery to access analytics.

Accessing My Media to the Navigation menu

The left-hand navigation bar includes a link to "My Media - Kaltura at Illinois." Clicking on this link allows you to access all your media whether you have added them to a course in Canvas or not.  It lets you do most things you can do when you log into mediaspace and go to My Media, including adding new media that you don't want to post to Canvas right away, editing your videos, editing and publishing captions, and adding collaborators.  Now, if you are mainly using Canvas to share your Kaltura videos, you can do everything in one place.

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