K2 Error on Email Field

When entering in an exact email address in K2 email field such as Supervisor Email, the field can still give an "Unresolved elements found." which is indicated by a red highlight on the field and prevents saving. This error occurs when K2 believes there are several potential matches on the NetId. To resolve the error, after entering you need to selected the desired email, or enter in the full name into the field and have it search that.
  1. User enters in a valid NetID or full email address for an email field, such as Supervisor Email and hits enter.
  2. Field turns red and hover over it says ”Unresolved elements found”  (Figure 1)
Solution 1:
  1. Enter NetID@illinois.edu instead of just NetID.
  2. If error still occurs, after entering the full email address and hitting enter, left click on the email address in the red box and select the correct matching email address from the drop down list.  See example for efg@illinois.edu in Figure 2.
Solution 2:
  1. Instead of entering the email address into the email field, enter the “last name, first name middle initial” exactly as found in the directory and then hit enter.  (Figure 3)
    1. Example:  Garrett, Edgar F will correctly resolve to egf@illinois.edu, whereas just searching Garrett, will give a long list of potential matches when you left click on it and may overload the match loading window.  Link to directory:  https://vetmed.illinois.edu/directory/
Figure 1:  Error Message

Figure 2:  Select email

Figure 3:  Enter full name for search

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