Teaching Horses Reservation

These are instructions for a Vet Med Teaching Horse. The College has a herd at the Vet Med Research Farm (VMRF) and at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH). VMRF horses should be used for research protocols, and VTH horses primarily for for teaching. The VMRF horses will show as one row and may be reserved just for setup type "Research". VTH horses however will show as multiple rows for each horse representing several different setup types such as Anatomy, Injection, Rectal, etc. When a teaching horse is used for an invasive procedure it will not be available again for that procedure for some period, but may be available for other procedures. The herd manager will mark available/unavailable based on these horse care procedures. Teaching horses may requested by faculty, staff and sometimes student organizations. After a request is submitted you will receive notice via email if approved or denied. Some request types require more advance notice, as will be indicated when attempting to make the reservation. Horses may be reserved for multiple days.

Bookings are managed through the Vet Med EMS system.  Teaching Horse requests can be accessed here: https://reservations.vetmed.illinois.edu/TeachingHorses/

  1. Login in with your NetId and password.
  2. Select book now to Reserve a VMRF Horse or Reserve a VTH Horse. (Figure 1)
  3. Enter a Date, Start Time, and End Time and select Search (Figure 2).
    1. To book for multiple days, select Recurrence.
  4. Confirm the time you selected is Free (white background)
  5. Select a timeslot by clicking on green circle with a white plus sign.  This will add it to your selected rooms (Figure 3).
    1. VTH Horses have to be reserved for each setup type (i.e. procedure type) individually.  If using for multiple procedures, add all applicable rows.  (Figure 3)
  6. The Attendance & Setup Type box will pop-up; accept defaults and select Add Horse
  7. Click Next Step
  8. Under Group Details, click on the magnifying class to the right of Group.  Type "Vet" into search and select the Vet Med group that matches your function.  Example: Vet Med Faculty  (Figure 4 and 5).  You will only have to do this on the first time using the system.
  9. Under 1st Contact, select (temporary contact).
  10. Contact name, phone, and email are required and cell phone is encouraged so you can easily be contacted if an issue arises with your reservation.
  11. Answer the questions under Additional Information.
    1. Intended Use needs to match the Horse set types you selected on the first screen.
  12. Select Create Reservation.  
  13. Your reservation is complete.  (Figure 6). You can add it to your calendar or edit.
Tips and Other Help
  1. From the home screen you can see all your bookings under My Booking > Show My Bookings or by clicking on My Events.
  2. For technical problems with the reservation system contact IT@vetmed.illinois.edu.  For information about use policies, contact the Teaching Horse Herd Manager or VCM Dept.

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3

EMS 1 Rooms Selected Room

Figure 4


Figure 5

Figure 6

EMS Reservation Created

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