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Legitimate email from university or other trusted sources are ending up in my Outlook Junk Mail folder

Microsoft has changed the way Junk Mail is filtered within the Outlook Client.

This filtering controlled by Exchange Online Protection (EOP) will utilize it's own mailflow delivery agent to determine if any given email is Spam and will move email to the Junk folder. This means it no longer reads the user setting in Outlook's Junk Email Options for choosing the level of junk email protection: No Automatic Filtering/Low/High/Safe Lists Only.

This EOP will continue to honor the user safe sender/block sender preferences set in Outlook just as the junk email rule does today.

If you do have legitimate email being filtered as junk there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening in the future:

  1. Add the Sender's address to your safe sender list in Outlook or Outlook on the Web.
  2. In Outlook on the Web, Microsoft has a process for Reporting to them email that should not be junk:

    1. In Outlook on the Web, go to the Junk Email folder and find the message that was incorrectly marked as junk.
    2. Right-click the message, and then click Mark as not junk.
    3. In the Report as not junk dialog, click Report.

    Your report automatically goes to the Microsoft Spam Analysis Team at

    Microsoft will use your report to help improve their spam filters.

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