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A quick summary: This article explains why customers are being billed monthly for an Adobe subscription and how to cancel the billing.


When a university customer is getting a monthly bill from Adobe, they have at one point signed up for an Adobe paid personal subscription. It is a common mistake to think that by acquiring an Adobe Enterprise license from the WebStore, a customer's personal Adobe subscription will automatically cancel, or be paid for by the Enterprise license. Instead, what happens is that an Adobe Enterprise account is created that is associated with the university email address of the customer. If the customer already has or gets a personal Adobe account that is also associated with their University email, they will have two separate accounts. 

An Adobe Enterprise account does NOT replace an Adobe Personal account. If you subscribed to Adobe subscription services with a personal account, you must cancel your personal subscription through your personal account. Personal subscriptions are billed monthly. WebStore does not manage your personal Adobe account and CANNOT cancel your monthly personal subscription.

Enterprise Adobe subscriptions purchased through the WebStore are either free or a one-time annual charge. WebStore manages and administers the Enterprise university accounts for customers.

What to do:

If this situation applies to you, you should first sign in to your Personal Adobe Account page. https://helpx.adobe.com/manage-account/using/cancel-subscription.html
When you login and enter your email address, make sure you choose the Personal, rather than work or school account option. Also, make sure you are NOT getting redirected to your campus 2 factor authentication page. Follow the instructions on the Adobe guide to cancel your Adobe subscription.

If you continue to have issues:
Login to your Personal Adobe Account page and go to the Help page. https://helpx.adobe.com/support.html. Select Account and billing issues and work with a support rep to cancel your personal account. Your @campus.edu email may confuse them and think you trying to cancel your University Adobe Enterprise account. You need to let them know, that it is a personal account that just happens to have your University email as a username. Adobe has special teams set up to handle .edu, .gov, etc... accounts.  So it is important you stress you have a personal account under your .edu email and, that you wish to cancel that account and not your University Enterprise account. 

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