TeamDynamix, Collaborative Board/Global Admin Board Decisions


This article provides information about decisions regarding the TeamDynamix (TDX) platform. Decisions made by the Collaboration Board and the Global Admin Board are contained within.


  • iPaaS Update - none
  • Underreporting of TDX database changes with version releases - No further response from TDX 
  • Minimum Info for Service/Service Offering Entries 
    • Where is this being documented? 
    • Anthony will create article within UIC KB in TDX 
    • Al will make note for stub article in Answers KB until the OpEx exercises have completed 
  • Ownership of TDX-related Answers KB articles 
    • Created groups for CTC and Collaborative Board and KBs have been reassigned 
    • Anthony to talk to Ryan Sharpe re: access 
    • Al will be primary on maintaining Collab Board article; Anthony will be backup 
  • TDX Converge
    • Anthony to provide feedback that TDX Converge should have significant content on TDX itself, not majority of content being iPaaS/AI focus; and bring back have the open-mic session at this year's Converge 
  • Reporting being done with EDW 
    • Pharmacy finishing up on boarding for our Senior Web Developer, and will begin working on the TDX reports soon. We have a deadline of mid-May to be completed. Please share any specific reports that may be of interest to add to our list to create. 

Chicago Updates:

  • 72% of edge units have been setup in Sandbox to start their transition efforts 
  • Derek and Crystal were working through the captioning of TDX App Admin training videos; Anthony to check in with Crystal 


  • No updates

Urbana Updates:

  • Kicked off Phase 3; 3-week startup time period in progress now 
  • Taking feedback to build user stories into backlog 

System Offices 

  • John met with Mark P re: opening up TDX onboarding to more SO units; comms will target managers of the specific SO units 


Urbana TDAG 

  • P3 kickoff; in project mode, reviewing a recommendation around read-only technician access role 
  • There were a couple of units that were in TDX but hadn't actually started using it. 


  • Combined meeting last week; new TDX website structure getting set, shared services is building mockup 
  • Joe and Mark to work through survey to replace/update FAQs 
  • Working through documenting process for App Admin and escalations to GAs 
  • Awaiting go-ahead for building out documentation and training for use of AuthMan for local admins 


  • Grouper integration went live 


  • iPaaS Update - no change
  • Underreporting of TDX database changes with version releases 
    • No movement since ticket submitted and brought up at Business Review Meeting 
    • John met with EDW team, will plan to turn off integration a week before upgrade then review before turning back on; this is a stopgap solution 
  • Minimum Info for Service/Service Offering Entries 
    • Where is this being documented? Anthony will create article within UIC KB in TDX 
    • Al will make note for stub article in Answers KB until the OpEx exercises have completed 
  • Ownership of TDX-related Answers KB articles
    • CTC working with Ryan Sharpe to setup service accounts to own the different content type articles 
  • Business Review Meeting outcomes/thoughts 
    • Glad to have a chance to talk through where the Urbana project is, where/how we're all looking to expand 
    • Anthony: Feedback to TDX, have the open-mic session at this year's Converge 
  • Any reporting being done with the EDW data? 
    • UIC Pharmacy going to be starting to leverage in about a month or so 
    • Al noted will probably just be using a couple of times a year 
    • Have heard feedback about getting the Asset data added into EDW 
    • Barry offered to have his resource work on templates/etc as needed 
  • Topics to include in update to ITLT 
    • Minimum Service Info 
    • Note dependent on OpEx outcomes on overall Service Catalog structure; Functional Design finished 1/31 
    • Grouper 
    • iPaaS lack of update; expiration of pricing offer 
    • TDX project website redesign in progress 
    • Sessions planned at UIUC Spring ITPF and UIC ITCC 
    • Converge in May 
  • Looking for guidance from ITLT: 
    • Phase 3 at Urbana: Asset Management 
    • Planning to renew contract next year? 

Chicago Updates:

  • Work ongoing to transition units from RT 
  • Al – requesting a list of UIC units coming on to TDX in Feb/March for the TDX monthly newsletter 
  • Anthony: Update the PM Schedule spreadsheet for metrics 


  • No updates

Urbana Updates:

  • Kick-off for Phase 3 work tomorrow 
  • Defining expectations for App Admins (formalizing intake process) 

System Offices Updates:

  • John spoke with Kelly, in favor of sending out communication to rest of System Offices to open up use of TDX to other groups that haven't been using ticketing 
  • Matthew working on Grouper integration (going live today) 

Committee Updates 


  • Newsletter going out on Thursday 


  • Grouper bug fix work going on; go-live is currently in progress 
  • Other backlogged people integration enhancement requests are being reviewed to start work on some 


  • iPaaS - no change
  • Underreporting of TDX database changes with version releases - following up with account reps
  • Minimum Info for Service/Service Offering Entries 
    • Anthony will share UIC's current standard templates 
    • John will bring back to next meeting, feedback from AITS Service Desk on compliance 
    • No concerns with coming into compliance on the standards 
    • Al will bring up to CTC to plan around communications, will be included in this Thursday's TDX Newsletter 


  • Nothing significant since last meeting 


  • No updates 


  • Joe and service team working through the backlog and creating a roadmap that is public; gathering and clarifying recommendations, e.g. ability to provide recommendations on data model for asset management/etc  

System Offices Updates:

  • Helping out Urbana efforts 
  • No Grouper update 
  • No additional System groups have reached out to move into TDX 
  • John will inquire with Kelly about any proactive outreach to additional SO groups 
  • Training Service Desk leads post-Shawn's departure 

Committee Updates:

  • Urbana TDAG
  • Recommendation to have stakeholders part of short-term working group on setting up local asset management and API access/usage 
  • Ahsan and others on project team will be scheduling requirements gathering sessions with each of the units that submitted


  • Next meeting on Monday, will be focused on the TDX website 


  • Read By tab will now reflect views from TDAdmin 


  • iPaaS - TDX's offered pricing will only be good through January; needs TDX leadership re-approval after that. No change on the legal side, so we can't move forward at this time.
  • Underreporting of TDX Database changes with version releases 
  • Database changes for version upgrades aren't communicated until after the release, and weren't complete 
  • Preview Release Notes includes a "Database Changes" section but links to older content, not the current upcoming release's db changes 
  • Minimum info for service entries 

Chicago Updates:

  • Couple of units went live on TDX in December 
  • More units working to transition later this month/early next 
  • Continued goal of completing transitions from RT by end of FY23 


  • No updates 

Urbana Updates:

  • Service team working through tickets to review how to more systematically process the non-IT scope requests 
  • Interest in a public roadmap for where TDX @ Illinois is going (beyond/outside of Phase 3) 

System Office Updates:

  • Meeting with Joe & Janet to help out Tech Services 
  • Participating in Urbana TDAG 
  • Grouper still being worked on, targeting this month for UIUC Global Admin go-live 


  • Sending out emails to units to get them started with Phase 3 scope 


  • Working on TDX website revitalization 
  • Needing to update the roadmap


  • Working through some support tickets with TDX 
  • Spacing issues are thought to be resolved by 11.6 release 
  • Engineering and Marketing team connecting on fixing their marketing email deliveries 
  • Backlog: working through Change Control for global admin changes in TDX 
  • Ownership of KB articles for change log/roadmap/etc 
  • Location/Room synchronization work being looked at, resources made available in AITS


No movement or updates on most old business.

TDAG - Project Phase 3 survey results have been reviewed and units will be contacted to gather additional information about timing and available staff/resources to roll out unit-specific Asset apps


  • iPaaS - TDX will not accept contract stipulation for signed DPA that applies to whole contract, even with deadline of 6/20/23. More conversations and expectation-setting happening now.
  • TDX EDW - UAT ended on 11/11, moving to production by end of November 
  • Enhancement Requests Prioritization discussion 

Urbana Updates:

New TDX @ Urbana Product Owner, Joe Blanks, started this week. Janet Jones handing off some responsibilities to Product Owner, AITS, and CTC, as appropriate:

TDAG - Phase 3 survey was sent out and has closed. Eval and ranking tomorrow.

Chicago Updates:

  • Awaiting Primary/Secondary contacts from each unit 
  • Finalizing resources to get pushed out to contacts 

System Office Updates:

  • Grouper go-live still pending some work

TDX CTC Updates:

  • Communications re: 11.6 release being prepped 
  • Sandbox refresh announcement being finalized (refresh scheduled for 11/29) 
  • Newsletter going out Nov 22 
  • Next up will be reviewing the TDX website 


  • EDW TDX data is UAT now, ~2 weeks
  • KB article ownership for TDX governance bodies. Currently assigned to whoever first created the articles. Decision: going forward, assign to a group address, i.e. TDX CTC-owned training articles assigned to a shared email address. TDAG and TDX CB assigned to their respective listservs.

Urbana Updates:

  • Product Owner accepted offer and should start soon. Other roles will be shuffled as appropriate once he starts.
  • Urbana - TDAG First meeting of the new cohort was 10/26. Set priorities, started Project Phase 3 planning

Chicago Updates:

  • Kickoff meeting scheduled for 11/9

System Office Updates:

  • Grouper integration - working on final pieces, then go-live to Global Admins on each campus to test for a while

TDX CTC Updates:

  • Sarah Follmer stepped down as co-chair due to changing job role. Derek Briles stepping in as co-chair, heading up the training subcommittee.
  • Next project: TeamDynamix website revamp into a permanent information space as opposed to just project tracking.


  • iPaaS stuck in legal due to the DPA verbiage and limited staff with GDPR expertise in the university's legal office. Est. 2-3 months before the review will be completed.
  • TDX ticketing data will be live in EDW Oct/Nov. User Acceptance Testing first, then go-live.

Urbana Updates: 

  • CIO submitting proposal to Provost for staffing to support TDX 

Chicago Updates: 

  • Prof Services engagement has started, some kickoff meetings have been held internally; working to schedule a webinar and start up transition efforts 
  • Working to get admin videos from TDX added to Ability LMS 

System Office Updates: 

  • Working with Carle Library on potential for coming in to TDX 
  • Working internally to review how to best leverage TDX features to enhance processes 
  • Identifying groups leveraging external web form tools, to bring them over to TDX forms 


  • Urbana TDAG received approval to move forward on planning non-IT ticketing coming into TDX, as well as individual Asset applications to support local asset management. 
  • Sarah Follmer has taken over for Allison Payne as co-chair of CTC, Collaborative Board approves 
  • Matthew Magee will take over as chair of Global Admin Committee, Collaborative Board approves 
  • Respective TDAG representative on the Collaborative Board will be responsible for bringing relevant updates back to university's TDAG. 
  • Collaborative Board agreement to communicate significant updates/topics from its meetings to the relevant committees (Global Admin and/or Communications & Training) 



  • Wes Pate designated as facilitator/leader for the App Admin community, Collaborative Board approves 
  • Sandbox refresh happened on July 5th 2022  
  • UIC service catalog refresh completed 



  • Agreement on creating an Application Administrators Community for U of I TDX application admins 
  • TDX Collaborative Board agreed system wide scope for App Admin community would be best and also agreed that no formal charter would be written as it is intended to be a community. 



  • TDX automation use-cases were submitted to BPA (Business Process Automation) team at AITS for discussion/review  



  • TDX Collaborative Board agreed that the Global Admin Committee will be responsible for updating/maintaining KB article with the key elements that are coming in future releases.  



  • Finalized Communications & Training Committee membership  
  • Reviewed iPaaS use cases (demo on 3/18/22) 



  • Presenting to ITLT on 1/19 to share current status of the platform at U of I


  • Worked with System Offices Shared Services (formerly Organizational Effectiveness) group to take on Training & Communications scope for TDX platform. Draft charge being worked on.
    • Global Administrator Committee responsible for content and functional expertise
  • U of I generated TDX Enhancement Requests will be logged and made visible. Global Admin Committee charged with implementing.


  • Decision/Change Log for TDX to be documented and maintained in Answers KB. Three levels:
    • TDX Platform/Service -> Collaborative Board responsible
    • TDX Administration -> Global Admin Committee responsible
    • University-level Help Centers -> Respective central IT unit responsible


  • Decided TDX Project website should not transition to a long-term operational site.
    • Service Information -> Service Catalog entries
    • Operational Documentation -> Into KB
    • Support Documentation -> Into KB
    • Implementation Project Artifacts -> Into Box
  • Assigned task of creating TDX Change Control process to Global Administrator Committee.


  • Decided TDX Business Review meetings should be semiannual, to be attended by Collaborative Board
  • Decided TDX Product meetings should follow a ~2 weeks after each TDX version release, to be attended by Collaborative Board and Global Administrators Committee


  • Generated topics for TDX Business Review and TDX Product meetings


  • Defined minimum requirements for service catalog entries
    • About this Service
      • Service Description
      • Other Names (where applicable)
  • Getting/Using this Service
      • Eligibility
      • Cost
      • How to Access
      • How to Use (Links to Documentation/etc)
  • Support/Hours
      • Contact Point for support
      • Provided by (optional)
  • Approved exemption for Global Admin access for web dev needs


  • Defined Global Admin roles/responsibilities and charge for Global Administrator Committee
  • Agreed to limiting Global Administrator role access to 8 (2 from each university + system offices)
  • Formalized membership of Global Admin Committee


  • Approved removal of link tracking for TDX emails


  • Approved set of pending integration enhancement requests
  • Job Titles
  • College Affiliation for Students
  • Enhanced role distinctions (Faculty vs Staff, etc)


  • Decision to leverage the TDX platform to manage the platform (ticketing app to be set up to take in requests/incidents about the TDX platform for global admin scope)


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