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This article provides guidance on using Technology Services' Munki Mac Endpoint Management system to install Microsoft Office.


Munki Mac Endpoint Management

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Endpoint Services has packaged Microsoft Office 365, along with an optional 2021 campus volume license, for deployment via the Multi-Tenant Munki service.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 uses Microsoft's click-to-run (C2R) technology, which relies on customer logins for licensing. To install Office 365 for click-to-run use, add microsoft_office_365 to your unit Munki manifests. Your Munki-managed Macs will receive the latest Office updates and have access to the full Office 365 feature set.

Microsoft Office 2021

In fall 2021, Microsoft released the Office 2021 LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) perpetual license, the successor to Office 2019 for device-based Office activation. Endpoint Services has packaged the Office 2021 license for the Multi-Tenant Munki service.

The Office 2021 license contains only a subset of the full Office 365 feature set; for the full feature set, deploy Office 365.

The Office 2021 license requires Office applications to be on v16.53 or higher, which in turn requires macOS 10.14 or higher.

There is no need to uninstall older Office versions before updating to the 2021 license. Office 2021 will install over 2019; 2019 will install over 2016; and all volume license packages share common base installers with Office 365.

To update from Office 2019 to Office 2021:

  • If you are currently deploying microsoft_office_2019 for device-based-activation:
    Replace microsoft_office_2019 with microsoft_office_2021 in your Munki manifests. The 2021 license will install over the 2019 license.

To install Office 2021 over Office 365:

  • If you have previously used click-to-run activation and the full Office 365 feature set, but need to move to device-based activation:
    Replace microsoft_office_365 with microsoft_office_2021 in your Munki manifests, and the 2021 license will install over the base 365 installer.
    Note: any user who has already activated 365 on the device must sign out of Office, and must also delete the following file from their home directory, as it will interfere with the 2021 license:
    • /Users/[affected user]/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office

To remove the Office 2021 license and return to Office 365:

  • If you have previously used device-based licensing but would like to move to click-to-run activation and the full Office 365 feature set:
    Install microsoft_office_2021_vl_unserializer, which will remove *all* Office licenses (365, 2021, and 2019), and pave the way for a fresh click-to-run activation. Remember to replace microsoft_office_2021 with microsoft_office_365 in your Munki manifests, to prevent Munki from reinstalling the 2021 license.

Microsoft Office 2019

The Office 2019 license reached end-of-life in October 2023. It is out of support and no longer being updated.

If you are still deploying Office 2019 to your Munki-managed Macs, please update to Office 365 / 2021.

Microsoft Office 2016

The Office 2016 license reached end-of-life in October 2020, and was retired from the Munki service in June 2023.

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