Office 365, Microsoft Bookings, Creating or Deleting a Bookings Calendar

Bookings includes a web-based booking calendar and integrates with Outlook to optimize your staff’s calendar and give your customers flexibility to book a time that works best for them

To create a bookings calendar:

  1. Log into the Bookings home page:
  2. If creating a Bookings for the first time click the Get Started button, however if you are already part of an existing Bookings or have created a Bookings calendar previously you can create a new Bookings by click the Name Dropdown on the left side of the Bookings you are currently viewing and choosing New Bookings Calendar. 
  3. When naming your Bookings keep in mind that a Bookings entry can be seen and searched for in Teams so avoid using any identifier that would cause confusion with existing users, rooms, or other resources.
  4. Add the services and hours that your calendar will initially support. These can be modified at any time after calendar creation.
  5. When choosing who can book appointments choose the option that works best for the Bookings function. However it is recommended to either use the No self-service or Available to people in your organization so it cannot be seen by the general public.

To delete a bookings calendar:

  1. Log into the Bookings home page:
  2. Access the calendar you want to delete
  3. Click on the Bookings Page Tab on the Left
  4. In the middle of the screen it will display your bookings calendar URL:
  5. Log a TDX ticket to with the URLs of every calendar you need deleted.

Bookings Settings

Adding Staff to Bookings:

  1. Staff > Add new staff. Staff can only be users in our tenant which includes guest users but guests cannot open the booking mailbox.
  2. It is suggested to notify the user that they have been added to a Bookings calendar.
  3. Business hours are optional, set to what is needed for your Bookings.

Services: This tab is used to setup pre-configured meetings with predefined staff. It allows you to set time limits, attendee count, price, location, and custom fields if you need to gather information about your users such as phone number. 

Bookings Page:

This tab is where you configure various administrative settings for your Bookings. Most notably in here is time zone, customer data usage consent and publishing status.

Business information:

This tab allows you to enter basic details about the Bookings calendar, add a logo, link to a Privacy policy and set business hours. 

Microsoft Bookings Frequently Asked Questions:

Microsoft Bookings Overview:

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