Classrooms - AV - Video Conference Room Calendars

Using Exchange Resource Calendars to access video conference meetings from certain enabled rooms.

These COM rooms are equipped with videoconferencing devices that can be directly invited to meetings in that physical space via an Outlook calendar:

  1. Reserving the physical room for your use

    It is important to remember that the physical room must be reserved in Astra as per previous existing protocol. Here is information about reserving a room:

    If there are repeated instances of people using these rooms without reserving them in Astra, then there will be an approving delay added to all Exchange calendar invites while the Astra reservation is verified.

    Once the physical space is reserved for your in-person meeting, you can either:

    1. Invite the room (and other people) to a new Outlook invitation with a Zoom Link
    2. Forward an existing Outlook invitation with a Zoom Link to a Zoom Room

    1. You are the meeting scheduler:

      Inviting the Room to a Meeting

      These instructions presume you have already incorporated Zoom with your Outlook calendar:

      From Outlook:

      1. Create a New Event

        on your own calendar or the group calendar that you wish to use.
      2. Add a Zoom Meeting to the event

        Add Zoom Meeting to New Event
      3. Invite the Room Calendar to the event

        with the "Add required people" field, along with anyone else you are inviting to the meeting.
        1. type "rc.comC" in the "People" field

        2. A list of calendars will appear
        3. Use the "Search Directory" option at the bottom of the list to bring up all COM Resource Calendars.

        4. Select the appropriate room

          from the scrollable list of COM rooms.

          • COM CMWT Room 120 (
          • COM CMWT Room 316 (
          • COM CMET Room 367 (
          • COM CMWT Room 511 (
          • COM COMRB Room 1119 (
          • COM COMRB Room 3075 (
          • COM COMRB Room 4075 (
          • COM COMRB Room 6075 (
          • COM COMRB Room 8075 (
      4. Finalize invitation specifics before sending

          1. Add any other people to the invitation
          2. Add in the physical room in the location

            to help other people know where you are meeting. It's possible to show both the Zoom link and the physical location.
            Adding physical location information in addition to existing Zoom meeting link location

          3. Be sure Title, Time, and Date are correct - sometimes re-opening and changing these meeting details will result in duplicate entries or further email notifications.

    2. You are invited to the meeting:

      Forwarding the Invitation to the Room

      1. Open the calendar item in Outlook

        1. Verify there is a zoom link to connect to in the invitation (not just meeting Meeting ID and Passcode, it must have the Zoom Link)
        2. Verify you have already booked the room in Astra for the time you wish to meet in it.
      2. Select "Forward Invitation"

        Forward Outlook Invitation
        1. If it is a recurring meeting, choose either "This event only" or "All events in series"
        2. If you choose "All events in series", verify that you have all of those dates and times reserved in Astra already.
              Outlook for Android Forward Invitation       Forward Event or Series on Outlook for Android
      3. In the "To" field, type this:

      4. Click "Search Directory". All the COM Zoom Room calendars will be listed.

        Choose the one that matches your Astra reservation.
        List of COM Zoom Room Outlook calendars

      5. The calendar invite will pop up on the control panel in that room on the day of your meeting with a button to allow you to join

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