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People external to the university (a.k.a. external affiliates) can get access to a university application by obtaining a UIN and NetID from the appropriate campus (UIUC/UIC/UIS), setting up their university credentials, and connecting to the campus network via the campus VPN server. Every external affiliate must be sponsored by a campus unit. An example could be a union representative who needs access to university data stored in a Mobius View report. This article details the the steps that an external affiliate and their sponsoring unit need to take to achieve access.

Step 1: The sponsoring unit must request a UIN and NetID for the external affiliate

This step differs by the location of the sponsoring unit:

Table of Sponsors location
If the sponsoring unit is in this location... ...then follow these instructions
  • All UIS units
  • Any of these UIUC units:
    • ALLIED
    • Alumni Association
    • College of Medicine
    • Global Education and Training
    • Illinois Fire Services Institute
    • Illinois Human Resources
    • Intensive English Institute (IEI)
    • Office of Medicaid Innovation (OMI)
    • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
    • Physics
    • Police Training Institute
    • Research Park
    • SHIELD IL Lab Technicians
    • U of I Foundation
    • University High School
    • University Library
The external affiliate must submit an External Affiliate Request Form which requires a university employee to be listed as the Sponsor:
All other UIUC units not listed above The sponsoring unit must request the sponsored NetID on behalf of the external affiliate using this procedure:
All UIC units The sponsoring unit must request the sponsored NetID on behalf of the external affiliate using this procedure:

Step 2: The external affiliate claims their NetID, sets a password, and configures 2-Factor Authentication

Once the NetID is set up, the external affiliate will receive an email with instructions for configuring their NetID, setting up their password, and configuring 2-Factor Authentication.  2FA is required for UIC and recommended for all others.

Step 3: The sponsoring unit sends a request for application access

The Unit Security Contact (USC) for the sponsoring unit must submit an access request on behalf of the external affiliate.  The application/reports, and NetID/UIN of the external affiliate must be included in the request.

Step 4: The external affiliate connects to the campus VPN

All university applications require a campus network connection.  If connecting remotely from off-campus, this connection requires you to first connect to a VPN server.

Campus VPN list
If you are connecting through this campus... ...follow these instructions to configure a VPN connection

(Frequently asked questions)

UIS Connecting to UIS vpn

Once the external affiliate connects to the VPN and has been granted access to the application requested in Step 3, they will be able to access the desired resources.

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