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This article includes a list of settings to review to make sure grades are accurately calculated in Canvas.

At the end of the semester, it’s important to review your Canvas gradebook before submitting final grades to Banner/Faculty Self-Service. We recommend reviewing the following settings in your course before releasing and submitting final grades:

  • Verify that your assignment groups and gradebook are set up correctly to match your syllabus. This includes reviewing how the Total column is calculated (points vs. weighted total), assignment group rules, and ensuring that assignments are in the correct assignment group.
  • Make sure that all missing/unsubmitted assignments are changed to zeros. Without a grade entered, the Canvas gradebook will exclude the assignment rather than assume a 0 in the Total column which can lead to inaccurate, inflated grades for some students.
    • If it was previously enabled, we also recommend disabling the “View Ungraded as 0” setting at this time as this is only a visual change and does not affect the actual grades for students.
  • Review and/or enable a grading scheme (this will enable the gradebook to automatically show that a 93% is an A, for example). If you need to make adjustments, you can also add/edit a grading scheme.
  • Make sure the total and assignment group total columns are visible to students. Select Settings in the course navigation menu, select the Course Details tab, select more options (this appears just below the Description text box at the bottom of the page), and ensure that “Hide totals in students grades summary” is unchecked.
  • If you need to curve or adjust the calculated Total, we recommend using the Final Grade Override feature option. To enable the Final Grade Override feature option, you’ll need to manage course features.
  • If extra credit is offered in your course, ensure it is set up correctly. Extra credit is not currently a default option in Canvas but you do have a couple options. For more information, see the How do I give extra credit in a course? documentation.
  • View the gradebook as a student or view a specific student’s Grades page from the Gradebook to check the accuracy.

Once these settings are reviewed, follow the instructions on the Final Grades page to submit grades to Banner/Faculty Self-Service system.

Need additional gradebook help?

Send an email to to reach CITL's Instructional Support & Training team or to reach Technology Services.

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