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This page contains file tree options for student users in Canvas.

File Trees

Navigating through the File Tree in Canvas using the screen readers functions okay or is doable. Some users are familiar with the File Tree in Canvas and can work using their screen readers. For others unfamiliar with Canvas, it takes practice, but there are options if they choose the quickest workarounds. The files are in the personal Canvas account or within the course; it depends on the setting set by the instructor.

  • Personal files - Find the Files link in your Canvas account.
  • Course files - Go to the Course Navigation Menu and scroll down to the Files link.


Figure 1 File Tree

Quickest Workarounds

There are ways for users to find files through Modules rather than the File Tree. When the user activates the module item link within the module, it will display the download link at the top of the page before the overlay preview opens.

Figure 2 Module item link within the module

Figure 3 Download link at the top of the page

The other option to access within the page is located after the file link; the download icon link will automatically appear.

Figure 4 Download icon link after the file link


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