System Government Costing - Expenditures and Transfers: Running the Webi Report

Guide to running the Webi report for expenditures.

To complete the Expenditures and Expenditures Detail tabs in the Service Activity Rate Calculation Template, you need to run the Expenditures and Transfers Webi Report first.

  1. Go to the Service Activities Resource Page.
  2. Click Expenditures and Transfers under the Job Aids and Training Materials section to expand the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Expenditures and Transfers Report Template (Webi).
  4. Select the Open option in the dialog box to open the report.
  5. Once the report opens, click the small X at the top right corner to close the report (leave Webi open, do not click on the large X at the very top).
  6. Click the Web Intelligence menu on the top left.
  7. Select Login As.
  8. Log in with your ID and password.
  9. Click the Login button.
  10. Click the Expenditures and Transfers.wid report.
  11. Click Design button at the top right (not the drop-down arrow). This adds tabs at the top of the screen and will allow for filtering in future steps, but the overall look of your screen will not change.
  12. Click the Refresh button at the top.
  13. Click Enter Fiscal Year under Prompts Summary.
  14. Type the fiscal year in the Type a value field.
  15. Click Enter COA under Prompts Summary.
  16. Type the Chart of Account in the Type a value field.
  17. Click Enter Fund Code under Prompts Summary.
  18. Type the Fund Code in the Type a value field.
  19. Click the OK button.
    NOTE: The report may not refresh immediately based on the amount of information and server connections.
  20. To export the data to Excel, click the down arrow next to the Save button.
  21. Select Save As.
  22. Locate a place to save on your computer.
  23. Name your report in the File Name field. For example, you can add the fund number and fiscal year to the file name.
  24. Select Excel for Files of Type.
  25. On the right side of the Save As window, you will see a window to Select Reports. Here you can select the tabs that you want to be in your saved Excel file. For this file, you will save the “Expenditures for Rate” and “Detail Expenditures for Rate” report. You may save the others if necessary.
  26. Click the Save button.
  27. Click the small X at the top right corner to close the report. You can click No in the dialog box that pops up asking to save changes to the Webi report.
  28. Refer to the Expenditures and Transfers Populating the Service Activity Rate Template job aid to populate the template with the expenditure and transfer information.

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