UPB - Reviewing/Approving a Prior Underpayment Adjustment (PUA)

Reviewing/Approving a Prior Underpayment Adjustment (PUA)

The Department Reviewer reviews and approves PARIS PUA transactions by routing them to the Campus Apply stop.

NOTE: PARIS PUA transactions routed to the Campus Apply stop by 5:00 p.m. Friday will pay the following Friday. Schedule changes around holidays will be communicated.

  1. Log in to PARIS.
    1. Access PARIS at: https://hr.apps.uillinois.edu/hrFrontEnd/ana/.
    2. Log in.
  2. Select the transaction to review.
    1. Click the IN/OUTBOXES menu.
    2. Click the GROUP INBOXES selection.
    3. Select the checkbox next to the transaction to review.
    4. Click the Select button.
  3. Review the adjustment.
    1. Click the Take Ownership button.
    2. Select the Pay Event Year of the adjustment.
    3. Click the red Pay Event accordion to review the adjustment.
    4. Click the red EVENT DETAILS accordion to review summary payroll info.
    5. Review the Adjustment Reason.
    6. Click the red JOBS accordion to view all active jobs for the pay period.
    7. Click the red job bars for the job(s) being adjusted.
    8. Review the Earnings Detail.
    NOTE: Fields with proposed changes are highlighted in red. System updated fields are highlighted in green.
  4. If transaction is not correct, take one of the following actions: Edit the adjustment earnings, then click the Save button.
    Return the transaction.
    1. Enter a comment explaining why the transaction is being returned in the Memo box. See Step 5.
    2. Click the Return button.
      NOTE: A returned transaction is routed to the Group Inbox and generates an email notification to the Department Initiator.
  5. Enter a comment in the MEMOS section.
    1. Click the green MEMOS tab.
    2. Enter a comment approving the transaction in the Memo box. Detail any corrections made to the transaction.
      Enter a comment explaining why the transaction is being returned.
    3. Click the ADD button.
  6. Click the Route button to approve all changes.

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