System HR - Important Information Regarding Academic Vacation and Sick Leave

System HR - Important Information Regarding Academic Vacation and Sick Leave

Record Hours, Not Days

Banner displays both Hours and Days for leave accruals, usage, and balances. Units should only pay attention to the Hours field, not the Days field, because of problems with the way Banner converts the Hours to Days.

If the unit collects leave time from Academic employees in Days, those Days need to be converted to Hours before entering it in PEALEAV by using the following calculation:

# of Days used x 8 Hours x FTE = # of Hours used (Taken field). The standard full-time workday for all salaried Academics is 8-hours/day.

Validate Accruals

Banner leave accruals are prorated for partially worked months based on the job begin or end date. Leave accrual when FTE or Appt% changes at times other than the beginning of the pay period are also prorated for that month automatically in Banner. Units may double- check the calculations to validate correct accruals.

New hires that miss pay calc will not accrue correctly for that month and a manual adjustment is needed.

No Multiple Entries in One Day on PEALEAV

Multiple entries in one day on PEALEAV results in each entry having a separate, distinct leave history record for that leave code. The sequence of entries is not identifiable.

Tracking SICN and SICK Leave

Units are not required to track leave used for Jobs that accrue only SICN (not SICK).

SICK / SICN Priority Usage for 9-Month Employees

When reporting sick leave, you will use your accruals for the 8/16/20 to 5/15/21 period (SICK first, then SICN), then use any amount rolled over from the prior year (this appears in the BEGINNING BALANCE field for SICK).

  1. Report SICK TAKEN up to the amount accrued in SICK for the period 8/16/20 to 5/15/21 (this will be 96 hours for a full-time employee).
  2. Report SICN TAKEN up to the amount accrued for the period 8/16/20 to 5/15/21 (this will be 104.04 hours for a full-time employee).
  3. If usage exceeds the amounts accrued in (1) and (2) above, the remaining usage is added to the SICK TAKEN amount in step (1).

Exempt Half- Day/Full-Day Policy

Academic employees who are not eligible for overtime should be reporting absences in half- and full-day increments only (except when leave is taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act). Absences in increments less than half- or full-days should not be charged against vacation or sick leave balances. Full-time Academic employees are paid on an 8-hour day. Part-time and alternative schedule employees report absences as appropriate based on their schedule. Generally speaking, the employee reports either half-day or a full-day based on their scheduled hours for the day.

Floating Holidays

Units are not required to report Floating Holidays in Banner.

VACC Balances

If you have someone with VACC leave balances, remember to charge it after current year accruals are exhausted. Contact your university or system HR office if you have questions.

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