UPB - Performing Labor Redistributions

Performing Labor Redistributions

NOTE: The individual performing the redistribution must have security access defined for the job’s timesheet organization.

  1. Type PZAREDS in the Search field and press ENTER to open Labor Redistribution.
  2. Type the employee's ID number in the ID field.
  3. Type the payroll ID, or click the Search button next to the Payroll ID field.
    NOTE: If the Payroll ID was typed, the cursor moves to the Begin Year field. If a search was executed and a pay event was chosen from the Pay Event List Form (PZILIST), skip to step 6 Selecting the pay event from the list populates the Begin Year and End Year fields.
  4. Type the year in the Begin Year field.
  5. Type the pay period number in the Payroll Number field.
  6. Press the TAB key to complete the remaining Section fields.
  7. In the Selection Criteria section, confirm that the Both button is selected and click the OK button.
  8. Confirm that the value in the Disposition field is the appropriate value.
  9. Click the Edit Labor Distribution tab.
  10. Press the TAB key to move to the desired field(s) where changes are to be made in the New Labor Distributions block including COA information.
  11. Type the desired changes.
  12. Click the Save button. The Status field changes.
    NOTE: If redistributing multiple line items, from the Related menu select Next Set of Labor Redistributions, and repeat steps 11 and 12.
  13. Click the Next Section button to return to the Earnings History and Labor Distribution tab.
  14. Click the Save button. The St field (Status) will change from X ( Change in Progress) to P (Pending).
  15. From the Tools menu, select Submit Redistribution. The St field (Status) will change from P ( Pending) to S (Submitted for Approval).
  16. Click the Next Section button until the Comments tab is activated.
  17. Click the Comments tab to add a comment.
    NOTE: Any new comments should be inserted into a blank Comments box. If a blank box is not available, insert one  using Insert from the menu. If you type over existing comments, they will not be saved.
  18. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.
  19. Click the Close button.

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