UPB - Performing Labor Redistributions

Transfer earnings charges to different C-FOAPAL strings by performing a Labor Redistribution.

NOTE: The individual performing the redistribution must have security access defined for the job’s timesheet organization.


1. Open the Labor Redistribution Form.

  1. Log into Banner.
  2. Open the Labor Redistribution Form (PZAREDS) from the Search field.

2. Select the pay event or range.

  1. Type the employee's ID number in the ID field.
  2. Click the Search button next to the Payroll ID field.
  3. Select the beginning pay period (oldest) that needs to be redistributed.
  4. If you are only redistributing one pay event, click the Go button.
    If you are redistributing a range of pay events, type in the ending Pay Year and Payroll Number. Tab or click the Go button.
  5. In the Selection Criteria window, confirm that the Both button is selected and click the OK button.
    NOTE: You may select other filter options as needed.

3. Edit the labor distribution.

  1. Confirm that the value in the Disposition field of the Earnings History section is the appropriate value. The disposition must be 60 or above.
  2. Click the Edit Labor Distribution tab, or click the Next Section button until the Edit Labor Distribution tab opens.
  3. Leave the Posting Date alone unless it involves the Fiscal Year End process. See UAFR -Year End Labor Redistributions.

One Pay Event:

  1. In the New Earnings Labor Distributions section, select the fields you need to edit and type the desired changes.
    • If you need to add or remove distribution splits, select the Insert or Delete button to add or remove rows.
    • The Hours field must match the original number of hours after all edits have been made.
    • The Percent field must equal 100%.
    • The COA may be changed, if required and you have access.
  2. Click the Save button.
    The Status field indicates Changed. In the Earnings History and Labor Distribution tab the status changes to X for the selection.

Multiple Pay Events or Jobs:

All at once:

Select the Search and Replace tab if you would like to make identical changes across the range. See instruction below.

One at a time:

Select (highlight) the row you wish to redistribute from the Earnings History section of the Earnings History and Labor Distribution tab. Follow the instructions for One Pay Event for each pay event you wish to redistribute.

4. Add Comments.

  1. Select the Comments tab to add a comment.
    NOTE: the Comments tab becomes active after you save labor distribution changes.
  2. Type your comments into the Comments box.
    NOTE: you may edit existing comments as needed.
  3. Click the Save button.
    The Status field in the Earnings History and Labor Distribution tab changes from X (Change in Progress) to P (Pending).

5. Submit the Labor Redistribution

  1. From the Tools menu, select Submit Redistribution.
    The Status field (Status) will change from P ( Pending) to S (Submitted for Approval).
  2. Click the Save button to complete the submission.
  3. Click the Close button.

Other Actions

1. Erase Pending Changes.

You can erase your edits and start over as long as you have not yet saved the submission for approval.
NOTE: Click the Start Over button and select the No button if you have unsaved changes before completing the following steps.

    1. Start in the Earnings History and Labor Distribution tab.
    2. Select the pay event to erase the edits from.
    3. Open the Tools menu.
    4. Select Erase Pending Changes from the list.
    5. Click the Save button.

You may continue with new edits or click the Start Over button to select a different pay period or range.

2. Search and Replace.

The search and replace function finds any C-FOAPAL rows meeting the search criteria. It replaces any elements from the identified rows with elements specified in the replace section.

  1. Open the Search and Replace tab.
  2. Identify the C-FOAPAL rows you wish to make changes to. In the Search section, enter any combination of elements necessary to identify the C-FOAPALs you wish to make changes to.
  3. In the Replace section, select the C-FOAPAL elements you want changed and type in the replacement value. These elements will be changed in every C-FOAPAL found according to the search criteria.

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