UAFR - Correcting a Posted Journal Voucher Transaction

Correcting a Posted Journal Voucher Transaction

To correct a posted journal voucher (JV) transaction, you must:

  • Locate and record the number of the JV transaction to be corrected.
  • Correct the transaction error by creating a new JV with the Journal Voucher Entry (FGAJVCD), theJournal Voucher Mass Entry (FGAJVCM) , or the Journal Voucher Quick (FGAJVCQ). In the Document Text (FOATEXT) of the correcting JV, record the reason that you are making a correction to the original JV and note the original JV number.
  • Record the correction in the Document Text (FOATEXT) of the original JV by following these steps:
    1. Type FOATEXT in the Search field and press ENTER to open General Text Entry.
    2. Type JV in the Type field.
    3. Press TAB to advance to the Code field.
    4. Type the JV number in the Code field.
    5. Click the Go button.
    6. Click Insert to move to the next available text line.
    7. Type a description of the correcting transaction, the correcting JV number, the date of the correction, your name, email, unit, and 10-digit phone number.
    8. Click the Save button.
    9. Click the Close button.

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