UPB - Initiating a Prior Underpayment Adjustment (PUA) for Illinois COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave – Bi-weekly Hourly Employee

In some cases, qualified employees may be due COVID-19 administrative leave pay for eligible pay periods before and including May 11, 2023.

Fully vaccinated employees who miss work due to COVID-19 may be eligible for COVID-19 administrative leave at full pay.

See COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave or contact your Human Resources office for more information.

If time reporting is not correct so the employee will receive inaccurate pay, and it’s after the CPA window but before payday, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit a Pay Stop in the Adjustment Notification Application (ANA) to cancel the payment.
  2. Submit a Leave Balance Adjustment in ANA to correct leave accruals from the original pay event.
  3. Initiate a PUA using the CO5 – IL COVID19 Paid Admin Leave earn code to get the employee the correct pay. See instructions below.
    NOTE: If pay amount is correct but Illinois paid COVID-19 administrative leave needs to be reported, do not submit a Pay Stop and PUA. Adjust the leave balance with a Leave Balance Adjustment in ANA. View the Adjustment Notification Application (ANA) Job Aids for instructions.

View the employee’s Payroll Record View (PRV)

  1. Log in to PARIS.
  2. Select the employee to adjust.
    1. Enter the employee’s UIN in the QUICK SEARCH field.
    2. Click the Search button. The Payroll Record View (PRV) opens.
      NOTE: If you don’t have the employee’s UIN, use the EMPLOYEE SEARCH. See the Performing an Advanced Employee Search job aid for help.

Adjust pay

    1. Start the PUA.
      1. Click the gray pay even accordion to select the pay event and review payroll information.
      2. Click the ADJ button to the right.
        The PAY HISTORY tab displays a new row in yellow for the adjustment.
      3. Select the Adjustment Reason from the menu under Pay Event Detail:
        • Additional Time Worked
        • No Time Reported
        • Job Change
        • Late Job Posting
        NOTE: PARIS automatically completes the Event Type, Calc Method, and Print Method based on the selected adjustment reason. These are not user editable.
    2. Select the Illinois COVID 19 paid administrative leave code.
      1. Click the JOBS bar to display each active job for the pay period.
      2. Click the green job bar for the job to adjust. Job Detail opens.
      3. Click the New Earn Code Selection menu to expand the list.
      4. Select the CO5 – IL COVID-19 Paid Admin Leave earn code from the New Earn Code Selection menu.
        NOTE: If unable to select the earn code, see the Setting User Preferences for Earn Codes job aid.
      5. Click the Add New Earn Code button.
      NOTE: If pay amount was correct but CO5 needs to be reported, submit a Leave Balance Adjustment in ANA rather than a PUA.
    3. Enter the paid COVID-19 administrative leave.
      1. Enter the number of hours under the appropriate date.
      2. Click the Edit button to edit the C-FOAPAL if needed.
        NOTE: See the Editing Labor Distributions in PARIS job aid for help.
      3. Click the Save button (lower left) when all entries have been made.
    4. Select adjustment earnings codes as needed to pay regular hours worked.
      1. Add hourly adjustment earnings as required for days worked but not paid because of the Pay Stop transaction.
      2. Select an hourly earn code from the New Earn Code Selection menu.
      3. Click the Add New Earn Code button.
      4. Enter the number of hours worked under the appropriate date.
      5. Edit the C-FOAPAL if needed.
        1. Click the Edit button.
          NOTE: See the Editing Labor Distributions in PARIS Job Aid for help.
        2. Click the Add LD button to insert an additional C-FOAPAL.
      6. Make additional changes if required:
        • Select another job from this pay period to adjust.
          NOTE: Make sure the emergency sick leave hours are accurately reported across all jobs.
    5. Select another pay period to adjust.
      NOTE: Multiple adjustments can be bundled into one transaction.
    6. Review changes.

Enter Memo

      1. Enter a description for each adjustment in the transaction.
        1. Click the green MEMOS tab.
        2. Click in the Memos box.
        3. Enter a detailed description explaining the Illinois COVID-19 paid administrative leave situation.
        4. Click the Add button.
        5. If necessary, edit your phone number listed in the INITIATOR PHONE NUMBER field.


    1. Route the transaction.
      1. Click the Route button near the bottom left of the screen once all changes have been made.
      2. Successful routing is displayed in the yellow dialogue box at the top of the screen.
        NOTE: To cancel a transaction before routing it, select Delete Entire Transaction from the TRANSACTIONS menu.

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