Monitor Setup

A guide to setting up new monitors.
The following is instructions for setting up new monitors and docking station. Feel free to use the A Guide To Monitor Connections Knowledge Base Article for images of the different ports on our monitors and docks.  
  1. Unpack the Dock from the box. Included should be the docking station and one power cord. 
  2. Unbox one Monitor at a time. Unpack all items and set any cords to the side for now.
  3. You should have a baseplate, a stand, and then the Monitor.
  4. The stand should slot on top of the base plate and you should see a thump screw on the bottom. Screw that into the stand securing the two pieces together. Then set it on the desk.
  5. Take the monitor and on the back, you should see a square that you can snap onto the stand. You will hear it click into place once it is secured. 
  6. Included in the box were the following cords.
    • 1 USB-B (square-ish looking plug) to USB-A (normal USB-looking plug). Plug the USB-B into the monitor and the USB-A into your docking station. (This plug powers the additional USB ports on the left side of your monitor.)
    • 1- Display Port Plug. Plug one end into the monitor and the other end into the docking station. 
    • 1- Power cord- Plug one end into the monitor and one end into the power. 
  7. Once the cords have been plugged into the docking station and power click the circular power button on the front bottom right of the monitor. Give it a moment and you should see a menu pop up asking for language settings. Use the four small buttons on the front bottom right of the monitor to confirm the settings. 
  8. Once done with the first monitor repeat the steps for the second monitor. 
  9. Once both monitors and the dock have been set up you can connect your laptop to the docking station and plug in any mouse or keyboard that you have to your docking station as well. 

If you notice that your monitors are not orientated correctly once you are logged on please follow these instructions.  

  1. Click the Windows Icon in the bottom left of your toolbar.
  2. Click the Settings Cog Wheel.
  3. Click Systems in the pop-up window. 
  4. On the left-hand toolbar make sure you are on the Display list.
  5. You should see boxes with numbers listed 1 & 2 or 1, 2, and 3 (if you are using your laptop as a 3rd display.) 
  6. Click Identify and have a box with the number pop up on each monitor to show you which monitor is which. 
  7. If they are not in the correct position that you have them on your desk you can click and drag the monitors in the display settings window to move them into the correct place. 
  8. Click Apply and you are done. 

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