Reaction - Purchase Request Category

Description of the "Purchase Request Category" options in Reaction with examples
  • All Other – This is the "catch all" category when none of the below categories seems to fit.  

  • Catered Event – Food purchased for an event on/off campus.

  • Chemical – All chemicals and chemical agents used in research should be classified as "Chemical:.  This will notify the SCS Safety Officer, Shane Brownfield, that a chemical purchase is occurring.
    • This is NOT for cleaning supplies or other end user products. 

  • Equip-New – "Equipment" is defined as a purchase in excess of $5000  

  • Equip-Repair/Maint – Maintenance of equipment. 
    • EXAMPLE: Warranty upgrades would fall in here

  • Equip-Works with existing – Purchases that will be used with or added to existing equipment. 

  • Fabricated equipment – Multiple items purchased together to create a single item for the purpose of inventory.  For questions about this, please email  

  • Purchase of Goods / Resale – Storeroom and/or Shops purchases that will be resold directly or that will be used as part of a larger repair.  THIS IS NOT FOR LAB USERS. 

  • Software – All software and electronic services purchases. 

  • Supplies-Expendable – Items that are "used up" or have a reasonably short shelf life and discarded or replaced.  This includes office supplies, computer accessories such as keyboard or speakers, and research materials such as beakers. 
    • EXAMPLE:  A tool such as a saw would not be an expendable supply, but saw blades would be.  

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