ATLAS Data Services Center - How to run a report

Explains the process of running a self-service report in the DSC.

Report customization page

When you select a report to run in DSC, you will be presented with a page that allows you to customize the report to fit your needs.

Different reports have different parameters that adjust the scope of the report. For example, some reports require that you select a specific semester or a particular college or department. 

A 'snapshot' parameter means that the report will return data recorded at a specific moment in time. The data is accurate for that time only. A snapshot from a different time will likely return a different result. Snapshots for critical time periods (e.g. last day to drop a class) are preserved for particular reports as specified by the report owners.

Values that are available for various parameters are selectable through dropdown menus in the report page.

Various formats for each report can be selected. Most reports are available as Excel and as PDF. Advice on which format offers the best viewing is provided on the page.

To finalize your request and download the output, click the Download Report button on the bottom of the form.

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