Using Course Explorer

Course explorer can be used as a searchable database for the schedule of classes by term and for general education requirements of courses.


Browse the Course Explorer for the schedule of classes by term and a searchable database of general education requirements.

  • See here for tips on identifying “favorites” and how to receive notifications when enrollment status changes (when a spot becomes available!).

Browse the Academic Catalog for the official listing of course offerings, programs, and degree requirements.

iSchool-Specific Course Explorer Tips

1. Find iSchool courses by going to > class schedule > "I" > "IS". Check the breadcrumbs to be sure you're looking in the correct semester.

The image is the main page for Information sciences Fall 2022 in course explorer. The blue arrow on the top banner of the image reflects the breadcrumbs of schedule-2022-Fall-IS.

2. You can also search for specific courses by going to > search or You must know the year and term you are searching for and may narrow your search by the following variables:

    • Keyword
    • Instructor
    • College
    • Subject
    • Credit Hours
    • Section Attributes
    • Course Level
    • GenEd Requirements
    • Part of Term: 
Term codes
Part of Term Runs
1 Full Fall or Spring term (16 weeks)
A An 8-week Fall or Spring course beginning at the start of the term
B An 8-week Fall or Spring course beginning 8 weeks into the term
S1 A 4-week course beginning the first week of Summer
S2 An 8-week course beginning 4 weeks into Summer
SF A 12-week course beginning the first week of Summer
S2A A 4-week course beginning 4 weeks into Summer
S2B A 4-week course beginning 8 weeks into Summer
    • Online
    • On Campus
    • Open Sections
    • Evenings

The image shows the search fields available to narrow search for courses.

3. Many iSchool courses have a shared course number. These are usually called "topics" or "advanced topics" in their course titles.

The image is the Information Sciences main page in course explorer with the search bar on the left side highlighted.

You can find the specific courses by clicking on the link under course title. The section title is shown in the image below highlighted in green.

The image is of 3 courses with the course topic area highlighted in green.

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