Teams: Log into Yealink IP Phone

Instructions for logging into a Yealink 5x series IP phone.

Basic instructions:

  1. If your phone is asking for a language and timezone setting, follow the prompts.
  2. Select Login on the Yealink touch interface
  3. Open website on a computer per the on screen instructions and enter the code shown (Figure 1)
  4. On a computer, open the browser link shown on the Yealink screen and
    1. Enter the code shown on the phone (Figure 1) into the webpage (Figure 2)
    2. You will then be prompted to enter your email address (Figure 3).   You may be able to select your email from a list in some cases (Figure 4).
    3. Enter your password for your University account (NetID).
    4. You will be prompted for 2FA if not already two-factor authenticated for the day.
  5. The Yealink phone should now be logged in.

Figure 1:  Yealink sign-in screen

Figure 2:  Website Code Entry

Figure 3:  Website sign-in

Figure 4:  Alternate Website sign-in

Alternate Instructions:

  1. Same as above, except at Step 3:
  2. Hit Sign in on this device on the Yealink sign-in screen (Figure 1, above)
  3. Enter your full email, or the resource account email.  (Figure 5)
  4. Enter the account university (AD) password.
  5. Tap "Got It." and your signed in.

Special Note:

  • Person accounts simply login in with their Illinois email address and AD password.
  • Role based accounts (i.e. common area phones, lab phones or service phones) will login with the service account address (i.e. and AD password for that account).  For example a common area phone will be user name in the format whereas a resource account would be the format  Contact if the password is unknown or for help logging into common area and resource phones.
  • If you're not sure if a resource account is or, check the Active Directory Object > Account > User login name section.  The E-Mail (found on the General tab in AD) will not be used for the login.

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