Teams: Embrava Connect Setup

Instructions on how to setup Embrava Connect to work with Teams

The Embrava Connect application needs to be setup for each individual user on a computer.  The settings are not global.  The software can be downloaded from

Embrava Connect can be configured for both Skype for Business and Teams at the same time.  You can control which connections are used with the Active checkbox, or you can have both used at the same time.

If you are logged into a computer with an Embrava Blynclight connected, and the light is not picking up your Teams status, follow these steps.

  1. Right click on the Embrava Connect Icon in your system tray or search for Embrava Connect in your Windows start bar.
    Embrava in System Tray
  2. Select Open Embrava Connect.
    Select Open Embrava Connect
  3. Within the window menu, click on File and then Connections.
    Select File and then Connections
  4. Check the box for Microsoft Teams and press the Ok button.

  5. Your Embrava Blynclight should now reflect your Teams status.  You can adjust settings as desired on the Microsoft Teams tab.

  6.   If you have been cut-over from Skype you should inactive that connection.

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