Printer Set-up for Mac

How to install a printer on MacOS.

Printer Set-up for Mac

  1. Make sure your wireless networking is enabled and that you are connected to IllinoisNet.

  2. Open the Finder, then at the top of the screen click Go, then click Connect to Server…

  3. For the "Server Address" field, type smb:// and click Connect.

  4. If it prompts for authentication, enter your NetID and University password.
    Note: Your computer will populate your log in name from your Mac. Make sure to change this to your NetID and type in your University password as opposed to your computer password.
  5. Once you have connected to the server, you will see two folders appear in the server - "Drivers" and "Users". Click on “drivers”, then on the folder titled “Printer setup script”. Lastly, click the “Mac” folder icon.

  6. You should now see three scripts:

    1. Printer Setup - Faculty_Staff will map all printers available for Faculty and Staff. 
    2. Printer Setup - Students will map all printers available to students. 
    3. Unmap Printers will unmap all printers that are already mapped onto your computer. 

  7. To setup printers on your computer, select the printer setup script matching your current status at the iSchool. 

  8. All scripts will start by asking you to select the location you want to map printers for: 614 or 501.

  9. If you are a student, the script will ask if you want to install drivers. Drivers need to be installed if they are being used on non-university computers. If you choose not to install drivers, only select printers will be added to your computer. This does not apply to university-owned computers. 
    1. If you choose not to install drivers, 614 will only install Luna, Mimas, and Miranda. 501 will only install Augustus, Bumblebee, Chip, and Janus.

  10. Select Yes to install drivers. If you are installing printers for 614, you will receive one prompt to "Install Ricoh Printers". If you are installing printers for 501, you will receive two prompts: one to install an HP Driver and another to install a XEROX driver. In both cases, follow the prompts for installation and click Continue. If the drivers request access, click OK
    1. During driver installation for 501, there is a chance that the second installer will catch up to the first one. If this happens, finish the first install before moving to the second install. 

    2. While clicking through the installation prompts, you may receive a pop-up asking for your username and password. If this pop-up appears, use the username it filled in automatically and the password for your computer, not your netID and password.

  11. After installing the drivers, the script will ask if you want to proceed on mapping the printers. Select Yes, then click OK to map the printers. 

    1. This prompt is usually hiding behind the installer windows, especially when mapping printers for 501. To continue mapping printers after installing the drivers, check the taskbar. The script icon should have a jumping animation in the taskbar. Click on this as soon as possible to show the "Map Printers for..." prompt shown above (even if the driver install is not yet complete); otherwise, the computer will terminate the script due to idle timeout. 

    2. Finish the Driver installations before pressing OK to map the printers.
    3. NOTE: Do not navigate to areas outside the pop-out window while the script is mapping printers, as this can interrupt the mapping process and cause it to fail.
  12. Once the printers are mapped, you should receive another pop-up notifying you that the printers are mapped. Please wait for this confirmation window to show up before doing anything else - sometimes doing something else while the script is running can interrupt the process and not go through all the mapping sequence. 

  13. The last prompt of the script asks if you want to map other printers. If you click Yes, it will repeat the whole process by asking you to select which location you want to map printers for. If you click No, or if you hit Cancel, then it will close the script. 

Unmapping Printers

  1. If you need to unmap or uninstall printers from your computer, follow Steps 1-6 for Printer Setup for Mac, then select the script Unmap Printers and follow the confirmation prompts to uninstall. This will uninstall all iSchool printers on the computer.
    1. This script is mainly used to troubleshoot printer issues. If you are using it for troubleshooting, we recommend mapping all available printers first before unmapping them. You will not need to install drivers if you are troubleshooting.
    2. NOTE: Do not navigate to areas outside the pop-out window while the script is unmapping printers, as this can interrupt the unmapping process and cause it to fail.


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