Printer Set-up for Windows

How to install a printer on a Windows machine.

If you are setting up printers on your computer for the very first time, please use the instructions further down this page for Connecting to the Print Server for the First Time.

  1. Make sure you are connected to IllinoisNet. Go to the network address by searching for "Run" or "Windows + R", and type in the address: \\\Drivers. Select OK. If you are prompted to enter credentials, enter your NetID email and password to continue. Do not check the box to remember these credentials. 

    Screenshot of the Windows run screen with the following address \\\Drivers typed into it.
    NOTE: If you accidentally entered the wrong credentials and you are unable to change them to continue to the printer setup, go to your Settings. Select Credential manager, then Windows credentials. It should be listed at the top of the page under Windows credentials. Click the option to remove the credentials, then try Step 1 again.

  2. Click the Printer Setup Script folder, then Windows. There should be two files inside: "Printer-Setup" and "Unmap-Printers". To install printers, right-click on Printer-Setup, then select Run as administrator to continue. Select Run again.

    Screenshot of the option to choose Printer-Setup or Unmap-Printers. You will right click on the Printer-Setup option.

  3. "Printer-Setup Script" will map all available printers based on your status at the iSchool (Faculty/Staff or student). After selecting the script, it will ask you to choose which location you want to install printers for, 614 (the new iSchool building) or 501 (the old iSchool building). Type 1 to choose 614, 2 to choose 501, or 3 to Exit the script. After you type a number, press Enter.

    Screenshot of printer script showing 1 is 614, 2 is 501, and 3 is Exit.

  4. The script will then ask you to enter your current iSchool status. Type 1 if you are faculty or staff or type 2 if you are a student, then press Enter to continue. 

    Screenshot of printer script showing 1 is for faculty/staff, 2 is for student.

  5. You will then see a prompt reading "Mapping printers for (location)...". If you see this window, do not do anything or click anything outside the window. Otherwise, you may accidentally cancel the script and the printers will not be installed.
    Screenshot of prompt stating "Mapping printers for 614..."

  6. When the script is finished, a new window should appear showing the list of printers and a completion prompt at the bottom. Press Enter.

    Screenshot of a list of printers that have been mapped along with a prompt to press Enter to continue.

  7. When the script is done running, it will ask if you want to map other printers.
    • If you select 1, the script will restart with its initial prompts, and you can install printers for the other building.
    • If you choose 2, the script will close.

      Screenshot of the option to map another printer and the option to type 1 for yes or 2 for no and exit.

  8. We recommend that you create a test Word document and print it to a nearby printer to ensure everything has been set up appropriately.

Connecting to the Print Server for the First Time

If the above instructions for using the printer script to install printers is not working, please try the following steps.

  1. Open the Start menu, and type "gpedit" (remove the quotations).

    Screenshot of Windows Start menu with "gpedit" typed into the search box

  2. Double click Edit group policy to open the Local Group Policy Editor.

  3. Within the Editor, click the Computer Configuration dropdown menu, then Administrative Templates, then Printers.

    Screenshot of the Editor window. Steps of which options to click and in what order are highlighted.

  4. Scroll down and double click Configure RPC connection settings.

    Screenshot of the expanded Printers folder with "Configure RPC connection settings" highlighted

  5. The "Configure RPC connections settings" window will pop up. From here, click Enable near the top left, then below in the "Options" section, ensure "Protocol to use for outgoing RPC connections" is set to RPC over named pipes. Click OK.

    Screenshot of the "Configure PRC connection settings window with the appropriate 2 settings and OK button highlighted

  6. Restart the PC. After you have reconnected, make sure the WiFi is set to IllinoisNet, then follow the normal instructions at the top of this article for the print script.


Unmapping Printers on Windows

  1. The "Unmap-Printers" script is used to remove all iSchool printers from your computer. This script is primarily used for troubleshooting printer issues. 

    • If you need to troubleshoot printer issues, please run the mapping script first to re-map all printers. If this does not fix the issue, then use the "Unmap-Printers" script to remove everything before adding them back with the mapping script. 

  2. To open the "Unmap-Printers" script, follow steps 1-2 for Printer Setup above, then select the Unmap-Printers script and follow the prompts.


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