Teams Transition overview for SCS, ChBE and Chemistry

Overview of the Skype to Teams conversion for SCS, including "what to expect", preparation tasks, and training materials.

Table of Contents: 

What's happening? 

The University is changing their phone solution from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. After the conversion, you will use Microsoft Teams for all phone calls (internal and external), and for all IMs (Instant Messages).  You will no longer be able to log into Skype for Business. 

SCS (and the entire College of LAS) will be transitioned on Wednesday July 12th.  Please read important information below to ensure you are ready for this change.

What should I expect during the transition? 

For each phone number, the transition is expected to take up to 50 minutes during which time you will be unable to make or receive phone calls on your University phone. We do not have a schedule for when individual phone numbers will be transitioned.  

Microsoft Teams is currently enabled for phone calls internal to the University.  After conversion, you will have additional calling options within the Teams app that will allow external calling.  

What should I do to prepare for the transition? 

Teams preparation checklist


Applies To


Prep Tasks (Basic - Everyone)    
Ensure Microsoft Teams is installed Everyone

Teams may already be installed on your computer.  If not, you can download the desktop version at select "Teams for Work or School". Teams is also available for iOS and Android.

See for more details.

Setup Microsoft Teams to auto-start Everyone Auto Startup Apps
Take Basic Training Everyone MIcrosoft Teams Training
Practice Teams Calling Everyone Internal calls already enabled; make a practice call.  Ensure your audio settings are correct. 
Practice Teams Chat: Everyone Replaces Skype Instant Messaging.
Confirm Phone Hardware is Compatible Everyone Microsoft Teams Audio Options
Prep Tasks (Intermediate)    
Call Forwarding Rules Some users Will NOT transfer.  See what you need to document here:
Teams Cut-over: Skype Call Forwarding Rules
Skype Relationships Some users Not expected to migrate into Teams.
Prep Tasks (Advanced)    
Service Phones / Common Area Phones Labs, some Admin These will need to be logged back into.  Which account is being used, log-in
name and password must be known for each phone prior to cutover.  See
additional details here:  Teams Cutover: Common Area and Service Phones
Response Groups Labs, Admin Response groups for advance call forwarding rules such as Call Trees
will be automatically migrated to Teams.  
Call Trees Main office / dept lines Services areas with Call Trees are strongly encouraged to document
their existing Call Tree rules prior to cut-over so they can be easily
tested and verify to be correct after cut-over.
No-Prep Required (Informational)    
Voicemail Everyone

Greetings and previous messages are not impacted.

Skype Groups / Favorites Everyone Migrated to Teams automatically.  
Contacts Everyone Outlook contacts have already been migrated into Teams Contacts.

After the Cut-over:

  1. Log into Teams on your computer and/or phone.  Make sure you can make an external phone call.

  2. USB phones or other non-telephone devices:  Remember to have Teams running or you'll miss calls.

  3. IP phones Require Login:  This is the not the same PIN procedure as with Skype.  See KB: Teams: Log into Yealink IP Phone.

  4. Lookup a Phone Number:  Lookup the phone number of an employee still on Skype:  See KB: Teams: Look-up a Phone Number

How can I learn more about Microsoft Teams?   

Go to:  This KB doc includes links to Microsoft help documents, videos of past training sessions, LinkedIn Learning courses, and more.  

You can also look at the Microsoft Teams FAQ page to learn more. 

How to Get More Help

There are several resources that you can use to find solutions if you're having trouble:

  1. See Troubleshooting Teams Client. This KB article has a lot of useful self-help information for problems with microphones, cameras, and more.

  2. Tech Services also has a "Post Migration Troubleshooting" document that may be helpful.

  3. SCS faculty, staff and grad students should email the SCS Computing team at with any pre-transition questions, or if you have issues after the transition.  

Please Note: If there is a high volume of issues during or after cut-over a triage system will be used.  

In your ticket, please provide the following information (as relevant or known), as this will help us to assist you in a more timely manner: 

  1. Urgency 
    • If this is a critical issue, please let us know why the issue requires immediate attention
    • If this is NOT a critical issue, please be thoughtful of others - we'll get to everyone as soon as we can
  2. Issue description 
    • Examples:  I can't login into Teams, I can't login into my phone, nobody can hear me talking
  3. Location of phone experiencing an issue (NOTE:  please include Room and building) 
  4. Phone number of phone / account experiencing an issue (if known)
  5. Account that is trying to login (your NetID, or the Resource account name for common area phones)
  6. Make and model of phone (i.e. Yealink T46S) or other communication device you're using

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