HOWTO - Create a WebTools group using AD group membership

Make a WebTools email group that uses AD for membership

Create the group

  • Go to the WebTools website -
  • Click on Groups in the top banner
  • Click on the orange +Create button
  • For the group type, select Active Directory Sync: Email Distribution
  • For the Administrator, select Group, then choose “SCS Advising”
  • Click on the blue Create group button

Name the group

  • Add a group name and description
  • In the "AD group name" field, type the name of the AD group you want to use and click Search
  • A box titled "Search Results (choose one...)" will appear with all matching results, even if there is only one (1) matching result. 
  • Click on the group that you want to use. 
  • The screen will change, showing the AD group name and the DN (distinguished name).
  • Click on Sync now.
  • A box will pop up asking if you want to sync the membership immediately.  Click OK

Group Permissions

Set permissions to give people ability to view/ use the group and to administer it.  

Add "SCS Admins" to the group Administrators

  • Click on the Permissions tab at the top
  • Scroll down to the "Administrators" section
  • Click the down-arrow under "Select group" and choose SCS Admins - this will give us the ability to help you if a problem arises with the group
  • Click Save

If you want to be fancy and give other people (outside of the SCS Advising group) the ability to see and use your WebTools groups, you'll need to create a WebTools group for them, and then assign that group "Viewer" rights.  

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