SANDI - VTH Internal Labs: Requesting and Results (NOVA)

Internal lab results from the NOVA are automatically uploaded to SANDI. The following article outlines the process.

Labs Information Box Overview


The Labs info box contains all labs, VDL, and VTH internal, and is scrollable.


  • VDL/CP should be used to request ALL VDL and Clin Path Lab tests.
  • Do NOT add VDL lab charges/requests via Charges in SANDI, If you do, the order will NOT go to the VDL and the client will still be charged.


  • The VTH button is solely for results of VTH internally run lab tests such as Nova, IDEXX, etc.

How VDL-CP results display

These results will start with one of two abbreviations, CP or DX. For example,

  • CP = Clinical Pathology
  • DX = Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular, Necropsies and Histopath, Parasitology, Sensitivity Testing-Indiv, Special Stains and IHCs, Virology, and Wildlife Epidemiology

How internal (Nova, IDEXX, etc.) results are displayed

All other results are VTH internal lab results. 

  • A link has been added for VDL/CP results.
  • A link has been added for VTH results. As of now, it contains Nova and internal IDEXX results,

Once you select VDL/CP or VTH you will only see those results.  This is because the VDL/CP is an ordering screen also and the resulting process is different. 


How to request NOVA Lab Tests in SANDI (Start here: Follow these steps in order.)

Step 1: Add the test charge to the Patient account in SANDI.  Adding the charge automatically does the following:

  • Creates a lab result "placeholder" in SANDI for the test results to upload upon completion.
  • A sticker will print on the NOVA printer containing the information needed to enter the test on the NOVA machine. 

Step 2: Retrieve the patient information sticker from the NOVA printer and go to the NOVA machine.

Step 3: CAREFULLY enter ALL info into the NOVA machine.  Accuracy is VITAL or the results will NOT upload to SANDI.  The following must be entered:

  • Medical Record (MR#) 
  • Last Name
  • For the Accession number, enter the Visit Number
    • The accession number is very important because it links the results to the correct account when uploaded into SANDI.  If this number is not entered, the results will sit in a “queue” space until they are manually moved to the correct account.  If this happens please see Jessica Garrett in the ER.
  • Check all information again.

Step 4: Do a final check to ensure that the patient info you are entering is correct and submit the test.

Resubmitting a NOVA Test

Ensure this is the proper course of action before proceeding.

How to resubmit a test on the NOVA Prim Plus Vet

VTH Internal Labs Module

From the Patient Dashboard, select VTH in the Labs box.

All Visits with associated, matched, and unmatched, results will appear with the following Actions available:

Edit: Icon to see detailed results listing, including past result list and graph(s).

Delete: will remove the test Results

Mark Results as received: Joins the unmatched result with the Visit.  

Note: Unmatched Results - When an unmatched result occurs it means that the NOVA does not have a way to associate the test with the visit automatically so they must be matched within the lab module. (This is typically caused by failing to create the charge for the test in SANDI before running the NOVA test or it can be a result of incorrect information being entered on the NOVA machine. 

Edit Screen


Results will display values for all tests that were run.  If a value is empty the test was not run.

Test Reference Ranges

The test reference ranges are set as the baseline for the lower and upper normal results.

  • Low - This is the lowest point of a normal result.
  • High - This is the highest point of a normal result.
  • Alert - This indicates that a result falls outside of the normal result range and should be studied further. 

Past Results

Past results, if prior tests have been run, will display, newest to oldest, in column format.  If a value is empty the test was not run.

Results Graph

When multiple results are available, the results graph will include red baselines indicating the test's reference ranges (low/high) s shown below.

If tests are unmatched or there is no data in between test points there will be no result line nor red reference range lines.  In the example below there is a GGT test result on 2/23/21 and 7/20/23 but there is a missing result on 3/3/22 which is why there are no graph lines. 

Import Results

This will list unmatched results for the visit currently open???  

Import Missing Results into SANDI (Manually match up test results)

Unmatched Results occur when the NOVA does not have a way to associate the test with the visit automatically.  When this happens the tests must be matched manually within the lab module. (\

What causes unmatched results:

  1. Failing to create the charge for the test in SANDI before running the NOVA test.
  2. Incorrect information being entered on the NOVA machine. 

Example of an unmatched result

As you can see there are no results for this test from 1/31/23.

1. Select the Edit Icon:  

2. Select Import Results Button:

3. We know the test is from 1/31/23 so we can enter that date into the search box to narrow down the list of unmatched tests. We then see that there is a test with the MR# entered instead of the Visit number.  We know this is the correct test to match. 

4. To Import the test, select the Import Iconbeside the test you want to map.

5. Ensure you are importing the correct results and select Yes.

6. Once complete you will see a box in the lower right corner, Lab Results Imported, confirming completion,

7. Close the Lab Results box and you will see the Results column is now populated with the date/time of the results.


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