HOWTO: Creating a KB doc from a template in the SCS KB

Basic instructions for creating a document from a template

To use a Template:

  1. Click on Create a Doc from... in the left navigation
  2. Click on the blue Save As... button next to the appropriate template

Above the editor: 

  1. Change the title
    • Remove TEMPLATE
    • Add a descriptive subject line
      • For CORES labs, be sure to use the Lab name or acronym in the title, preferably at the beginning (NMR, Mass Spec, etc)
      • For Computing, 
    • If the document will be used on the SCS website, add (web) to the title
      • Example:  NMR - NMR Student training (web)
  2. Add keywords - use as many as you can think of that someone might use to try to find this document
  3. Add a summary - this will appear on the KB article, right below the title

Below the editor

  1. Topics:
    • Check the topics to be sure that the correct topics are selected
  2. Write Access: Select additional groups that should be able to edit the document
    • Each template has some default groups already selected - leave these. 
    • Add the appropriate group(s)
    • If the document will be used on the Web, be sure to select "SCS Webmasters"
  3. Read access:
    • for external documents, both "UillinoisSCS-External" and "UillinoisSCS-internal" should be selected.  This allows a document to be read publicly without any authentication.
  4. Owner:
    • Click Show Additional Fields
    • Change the owner to whoever should be responsible for the document

Editing the document

  1. Once you've edited everything above, remove this text and edit the document's content. 

Publishing a document

  1. Submit the document.  The status will be "In Progress"
  2. When you're ready for the document to be live, change the status to "Active"

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