SANDI - VTH Internal Labs: Requesting and Results (IDEXX)

Internal lab results from IDEXX instruments are automatically uploaded to SANDI. The following article outlines the process.

Labs Information Box Overview


The Labs info box contains all labs, VDL, and VTH internal, and is scrollable.


  • VDL/CP should be used to request ALL VDL and Clin Path Lab tests.
  • Do NOT add VDL lab charges/requests via Charges in SANDI, If you do, the order will NOT go to the VDL and the client will still be charged.


  • The VTH button is solely for results of VTH internally run lab tests such as Nova, IDEXX, etc.

How VDL-CP results display

These results will start with one of two abbreviations, CP or DX. For example,

  • CP = Clinical Pathology
  • DX = Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular, Necropsies and Histopath, Parasitology, Sensitivity Testing-Indiv, Special Stains and IHCs, Virology, and Wildlife Epidemiology

How internal (Nova, IDEXX, etc.) results are displayed

All other results are VTH internal lab results. 

  • A link has been added for VDL/CP results.
  • A link has been added for VTH results. As of now, it contains Nova and internal IDEXX results,

Once you select VDL/CP or VTH you will only see those results.  This is because the VDL/CP is an ordering screen also and the resulting process is different. 


How to request IDEXX test(s) in SANDI, run and access results (Start here: Follow these steps in order.)

IMPORTANT: IDEXX lab orders MUST be created in SANDI BEFORE submitting the test on the lab instrument.  Failure to request in SANDI first will result in unmatched tests which will require manual mapping.

Step 1: In the Labs Information Box, select VTH

Step 2: Select Create IDEXX Order

Step 3: Select the correct IDEXX instrument and Staff.

Note: SANDI automatically pulls the visits coordinating doctor. If needed, Staff can be changed.

Step 4: Select Submit and the IDEXX selection screen appears. The lab order will show as “Created” in SANDI

Note: At this point, SANDI does a seamless handoff and you are in the IDEXX ordering system.

Step 5: Select the test(s) you want to run and they will be listed in the right panel. 

Note: You can find orders by species from the drop-down and save favorites by selecting the Star next to the test.

Step 6: Changing the Veterinarian here does change SANDI Lab data. It is simply an indicator within the IDEXX Screens. 

Step 7: Select Order and the order will be sent to the IDEXX instrument.

Step 8: You can now go to the IDEXX instrument select your patient/test(s) insert your sample and run it.

Select Test to run on IDEXX instrument

Step 1: Go to the IDEXX instrument and find the test you just requested in SANDI under the Pending column.

Step 2: Select your test and then select Run (lower left).

Step 3: Review and Confirm Life Stage selections. Select the instrument (bottom of the screen) that will run the test.  

Step 4: Follow the instructions to insert the sample and start the test. Results will automatically upload to SANDI.

VTH Internal Labs IDEXX Results and Graphs

SANDI Lab Status and Results Overview

Lab Created - The first status confirming the order is created in SANDI and sent to the IDEXX instrument. 

Lab Submitted – The test is pending selection on the IDEXX instrument. *May take 2-3 minutes to appear the instrument.

Note: Tests can only be edited while in the Created status. 

Lab Complete - The test has completed running on the IDEXX instrument and the results are back in SANDI.

Lab Cancelled – Test cancelled. Only unsubmitted tests can be Cancelled and they drop off the list after seven (7) days.

SANDI Actions

Edit: Shows detailed results listing, including past result list and graph(s). (You can edit before a test is submitted.)

View: Allows viewing of the IDEXX provided report via your browser.

Delete: Removes the test Results. You can only delete a test before submission.

IDEXX Report: IDEXX provided report in PDF format and allows for printing if desired.

Charges NOT entered: SANDI checks to ensure that charges are entered for the tests run. It will flag the uncharged test(s) with a red exclamation mark. Enter charges, then return and select the Edit icon, and add the correct visit.

Unmatched Results - This happens if the IDEXX instrument does not have a way to associate the test with the visit automatically.  When this happens the tests must be matched manually within the lab module.  

Edit Screen


Results will display values for all tests that were run.  If a value is empty the test was not run.

Test Reference Ranges

The test reference ranges are set as the baseline for the lower and upper normal results.

  • Low - This is the lowest point of a normal result.
  • High - This is the highest point of a normal result.
  • Alert - This indicates that a result falls outside of the normal result range and should be studied further. 

Past Results

Past Results, if prior tests have been run, will display, newest to oldest, in column format.  If a value is empty the test was not run.

Results Graph

When multiple results are available, the results graph will include red baselines indicating the test's reference ranges (low/high) s shown below.

If tests are unmatched or there is no data in between test points there will be no result line nor red reference range lines.  

Unmapped Labs  (Manually match up test results)

Unmatched Results occur when the IDEXX instrument does not have a way to associate the test with the patient automatically.  When this happens the tests must be matched manually within the lab module. 

What causes unmatched results:

  1. Failing to create the IDEXX order for the test in SANDI before running the same on the IDEXX instrument AND entering the incorrect information on the IDEXX instrument

Mapping Unmapped Labs

If results from your test(s) do not appear, they may be unmapped.

1. Select View Unmapped Labs 

2. If these are the correct results click the Select button

3. Select Assign to Patient and the results will appear in the patients list. 

IDEXX Lab Work will be automatically entered into Exams & Forms

IDEXX lab work will automatically create an entry in the patient Exams & Forms called IDEXX Lab Work. The results will be in a PDF format and can be viewed and/or sent like other reports. 

Full view of results PDF.

Manually run an IDEXX test from the IDEXX instrument Interface (ONLY with Authorization from Clinician or Lead Tech)

IMPORTANT: This should NOT be done without permission from a Lead Vet Tech or Clinician to ensure this is the proper course of action BEFORE proceeding.

When entering from the IDEXX instrument interface the following fields MUST be filled out properly or results will NOT go to the proper patient account and will be sent to Unmapped Labs. 

    It is VITAL that the following two fields contain the information listed:

    • Client Last Name: Must be the Client Account Number in the SANDI Client Information Box as shown below.
    • Patient ID: This must be the ID in the SANDI Patient Information Box as shown below.
    • All other sections should be filled out correctly.

    Need to run a brand new IDEXX test? Here is how to request HIS to set up a new test and its associated charges.

    When a brand new test needs to be added to SANDI HIS needs the IDEXX test name and code and the charge(s) you want to be set in SANDI that correspond.  (The description of the charge and our cost is what is needed.)

    The IDEXX Test name and code appear in the IDEXX portal on the IDEXX equipment. It along with the SANDI charge code request (name and our cost) will need to be sent to so HIS can setup the test interface with SANDI and create the associated charge(s).

    1. Go to the IDEXX machine.
    2. Access the Portal and in the Create IDEXX Order screen write down or screenshot the exact name and code, in parentheses, for the test. 
      1. Example: In the screenshot below IDEXX VetLab CBC (CBC) or IDEXX VetLab Station VetLyte Electrolytes (VLytes) are the test names/codes. 
    3. Email the name/code of the tests AND send your proposed SANDI charge name/description, along with our cost for the test to
    4. HIS will then create a lab and associate the name/code with the IDEXX system for ordering via SANDI AND we will create the corresponding charges to ensure billing is completed properly. 

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