Classic Teams to New Teams Migration

On March 31st New Teams will begin replacing Classic Teams on all University computers.

A new version of Microsoft Teams is replacing the current version of Teams installed on computers.  It is likely that the new version was already automatically installed on your computer or you have been prompted to make the switch by Teams already.  The previous version of Teams is now referred to as Classic Teams and the new version is referred to as New Teams.  

Both versions of Teams may be installed at the same time on your computer and you can choose with version to launch or which to make the default version. The option to launch Classic Teams is only available for a limited time during the migration period.  

screenshot of the new and classic teams icons side by side in the start menu

It is suggested that you begin using the version of Teams with the "new" label on the icon as it will be the default version moving forward. If you are launching New Teams for the first time you will be prompted to make the switchover to New Teams.

a prompt asking if you want to use new teams with the options yes, use new teams or not right now

Once you are using New Teams there is an option in the client that you can toggle to switch back over to Classic Teams.  Again, this is only for a limited time during the migration and will eventually go away.  

screenshot of the toggle button to disable new teams located under the elipsis at the top of the teams client

There are a few known issues currently with the New Teams client.


Microsoft's New Teams is not without issues. Microsoft has compiled a list of known issues that can be read about here: Known issues in the new Microsoft Teams desktop client - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn 

Microsoft has also provided a handy document that documents changes and features that were renamed or moved around in New Teams: What is changing in the new Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn 

If you are experiencing an issue not currently listed please take a moment to fill out this form:
Note: This form does not create a TDX ticket. The form is to collect known issues in a singular location that may not be known to the support team. If you do have an issue that needs an immediate response please log a TDX ticket to

New Teams changes and issues affecting our tenant



Adding Box to Teams channels no longer functions via Microsoft's Add Cloud Storage option. As it only supports OneDrive at this time. Method 1 in this kb currently works in New Teams to add Box to a Team's tab:
Adding a website to a Team with the Website app may sometimes fail to render or say something went wrong. This is mostly relevant to websites that require authentication including Box and Planner. Microsoft has provided a document detailing the website and its inability to not display websites correctly with the only work around being to open the website in a browser:
MP50 integration with New Teams on MacOS is officially unsupported by Microsoft.  Only the audio inputs/outputs will work.   Microsoft hopes to provide support in the future, but as of now there is no solution for this issue. 
MP50 integration with Windows is suffering from several deficiencies in button interop and call control.   There is an existing ticket with Microsoft to fix these issues.  Fixes to many issues are expected in early April. 
Better Together over Bluetooth integration between all models of IP Phones (Yealink and Poly) and New Teams does not work. This is a Windows only feature.   Microsoft is aware of the issue and hopes to have this resolved sometime in April. 


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