AI Transcription Tools for Meetings

A variety of artificial intelligence tools have recently become available to the general public that offer to record calls and scan emails in order to offer transcripts and summaries, take notes, and even attend meetings on your behalf. These tools rely on sharing recordings and transcriptions of meetings with third-party service providers.

Alternatives and Information

Because some University of Illinois data is considered sensitive or high-risk, tools like this should not be used in Illinois calls or meetings unless they are being provided by Illinois.

Technology Services and the GenAI Solutions Hub describe the approved AI resources provided to Illinois accounts here: Generative AI Resources

They also describe specific privacy and security considerations for using these resources here: Privacy Considerations for Generative AI

Before using an artificial intelligence tool to conduct or assist with university business, take some time to be sure that it is a service explicitly provided or approved by Illinois.

The Illinois Security Program offers an overview of data classification policies in this article: Security, Data Classification

Blocking AI Meeting Bots

If an attendee of a meeting you're hosting has invited an AI note-taking bot to a meeting, there are a few ways to prevent it from attending.

Microsoft Teams

Because these bots are not Illinois users themselves, Teams will display them as guest users asking to join. These requests should be rejected.

Bots that have already joined meetings should be 'kicked' by right-clicking their name in the list of attendees and choosing Remove.


When scheduling a new Zoom meeting, select the Only authenticated users can join checkbox, and select the Sign in with Illinois NetID and password option from its drop-down menu. This will ensure that only real Illinois students, faculty, and staff can join the call.

If your meeting includes users from outside our organization, another option is to use Zoom's Waiting Room feature, but never allow the bots to move from the Waiting Room to the main call.

Bots that have already joined meetings should be 'kicked' by hovering over their name in the Participants list, choosing More, and then selecting Remove from the menu.,, Copilot, Zoom, call, meeting notes, summary   Doc ID137806
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