Illinois Compass 2g, Dropped student still has access to class (for faculty)

A student dropped my class, but she still has access to the Compass 2g course site.

Students who have dropped courses are not automatically removed from Compass 2g course sites via automatic roster uploads at the beginning of the semester due to the fact that this would also remove all records of any work completed by that student. However, students will be marked as unavailable if three daily roster uploads in which their name does not appear are run.

Instructors can remove students from their Compass 2g course site or deny students access. IMPORTANT:  Removing/deleting the student removes records of that student's completed work from the course site; a student who is unavailable leaves the student's records in the course space, but the student can no longer access the course space.

Manually marking students as unavailable
  1. When viewing the course in Teacher View, click to expand Users and Groups and then click Users.
  2. Hover over their NetID, click the down arrow icon that appears, and then select “Change User’s Availability in Course.”
  3. Switch the drop-down box next to Available (this course only) to say No, then click Submit.
Hiding rows in the Grade Center
A student marked as unavailable will still show up in the Grade Center. If you want to hide these rows:
  1. Click on Full Grade Center
  2. Unavailable students are denoted with a slash icon next to their name.
  3. Hover over their last name or first name, then click the down arrow icon that appears.
  4. Select Hide Row.
  5. If you have multiple students to hide, you can select Manage from the menu bar, then select Row Visibility.
  6. Click the boxes next to the students you want to hide, then click Hide Rows at the top of the columns. This is also where you can unhide or show rows that had been hidden previously.
Removing students from the course
If you want to remove them from the course altogether (which will delete all the records associated with that student and CANNOT be undone):
  1. Hover over their NetID, click the down arrow icon that appears, and then select “Remove Users From Course.”
  2. You will be prompted to confirm this action with a dialogue box.
  3. If you have multiple students to remove, you can click the boxes next to the NetID, then click the Remove Users from Course button at the top of the column.

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