Canvas@Illinois, Instructors can't add student

The Canvas@Illinois database does not contain a student.

If a student is brand new to campus, there is a chance that their NetID may not be immediately available to add to a roster in Illinois Canvas. Generally, it shouldn't take more than a day or two to be added to the database automatically, but if they need to be added manually, here's how:

1. The Help Desk can confirm the student is not in the database by attempting to add the student to any course we have access to (students should have access to a Canvas sandbox course). If you are able to add them, they're in the database and the instructor trying to add them may need guidance in how to add them to their specific roster. If you are not able to add them, do the following:

2. If the person to be added is a Illinois student, check to see that they have a UIN and a NetID. If they are not affiliated with Illinois, go to step 4. If they are affiliated and do not have a NetID they must go through the process of obtaining one.

3. The student's name, NetID, and note about needing to be added to the database should be included in a ticket that is transferred to TechSvcs-Illinois Canvas Support queue. They will inform you when the person has been added to the database. Skip Step 4.

4: Non-Illinois affiliates are handled on a case-by-case basis via Canvas guest accounts. These requests will generally come from a course or program sponsor who is hosting many off-campus students. Write up a case and transfer it to TechSvcs-Illinois Canvas Support queue including the program name, participants' names and whatever contact information was provided for the students.

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