EDDIE/Web Intelligence Rich Client - Group Values

How do I create groupings of values for an object or variable in EDDIE?

Web Intelligence allows you to create groupings of values for an object or a variable. This allows you to aggregate values for these groupings. For example, you can create groups based on the number of students enrolled in a course, or categorize transactions.

  • Once your query runs, press ALT + 2 to ensure you are in Design mode and in the Main panel, click Document Objects from the row of icons.

Main panel w/ Doc Objects selected

  • Find the object you want to add groupings to, click the More icon and select Manage Groups.

More icon and select Manage Groups

  • In the Manage Groups window, name the grouping itself and select the members of your first group.

Manage Groups window

  • Once you've selected all the members of your first group, click Group... When the New Group window appears, name your first group.

New Group window

  • Follow the previous two steps of selecting members for the new group and naming it, until all groups have been created.
  • If there are ungrouped items, click Ungrouped Values to select one of the following options:
    • Visible - ungrouped values will be listed separately in a table.
    • Automatically grouped - groups all ungrouped values into a group 'Others.'

Ungrouped values

  • Click OK to set your grouping and exit the Manage Groups window.
  • The grouping will now be listed in the Document Objects section in the Main panel.

Group in doc objects

  • These groupings can be used like any other object.

Groups in a table

  • To manage an existing group, click the More icon for the group and select Manage Groups.
  • To manage a particular value, select it from the list of values and clcik the Move to icon to move it to a different group, or Ungroup to remove it from the current group.

Move to or ungroup

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