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I would like to know how to use Spam Control to block specific email addresses so that I don't receive email from them.

If you repeatedly receive spam in your University Email account from the same senders, you can add those senders to a "Blocked Senders List" and prevent yourself from receiving any future messages from them. A Blocked Senders list contains addresses of people or mailing lists from whom you do not wish to receive any email.

Use the Web Interface:

After you log in to the Web Interface, follow these steps to add senders to your personal "Blocked Senders List":

  1. Click Lists on the left side of the window 
  2. Select Blocked Senders List
  3. Then click New and add a Blocked Sender to the list. The procedure is the same for your Safe Senders List.
    • You can also complete this action by opening a recent daily End User Digest email in your email account's inbox, sent from: ''



  • When you add a domain name (for example, to the Blocked Senders list, all email addresses from that domain will be considered blocked. To add specific senders, simply enter their full email address (for example,
  • The system will NOT take wildcards (*), but you may enter the domain ( to block an entire domain.
  • In order to effectively block sender addresses and domains, you will need to identify the address and/or domain from the 'X-Spam-OrigSender' listed in the email header: Email, Spam Control, Still receiving email from someone on Block List 


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